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Online day trading courses are excellent for novices and veterans alike. You get to network with professionals, and you can get a lot of resources to help you succeed as a trader. There are so many resources on the internet, each offering to make you the best. However, not all of them deliver as per expectations. Many factors go into the quality of training you receive. The type of resources available will determine what you come out of the training with. Pricing is also different depending on which online stock-trading course you sign up for.


Course Options to Consider

As a beginner, you need to consider the trading options you may want to specialize in. Some options include:-


Stock or Share Trading

Stocks and shares are the most common forms of trading. It involves buying and selling company shares at the stock exchange. Stock market courses online will look at strategies, technical analysis, and price action, among others.


Forex Trading

Forex trading revolves around currency value and is, therefore, a critical component with regards to trading.


Commodity Trading

Commodity trading involves transacting in tangible commodities such as precious metals, agricultural products, among others.



Cryptocurrencies or digital currencies are a relatively new arm of trading. You use cryptos such as Ethereum or Bitcoin. The currency is digital, and the processes work independently of financial institutions such as banks. You will have to familiarize yourself with terms such as blockchain, digital wallets, and encryption, among others.


Options Trading

Options trading is a bit complex. It is predictive and requires that you buy or sell stock depending on when you think the price will rise or fall.


Futures Trading

As the name suggests, futures trading relies on prediction. You will need to take an educated guess on whether the price will go up or down within a specific period.


Binary Options

You predict whether prices will go up or down over a set period. The market fixes the stakes, and you know the payout in advance. It is a high-risk form of trading, and in some parts of Europe, it is illegal.


Indices Training

Indices training is the trading of stock that is specific to one particular area.


Copy Or Social Trading

In social trading, you set up your account and link it to a more experienced trader’s account. Your profits and losses are copied depending on how much money you invest.


Swing Trading

Swing trading depends on the ‘swing’ in pricing. You can hold your shares for between two days to two weeks so that you take advantage of the swing.


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Factors to Consider When Picking a Day Trading Course

Look out for the following critical elements when deciding on an online day trading course.


What Kind Of Foundation Does It Give You?

You must have a good foundation if you hope to become a success at trading. You must first learn the As, Bs and Cs before you launch yourself into the trading floor. Stock market courses online should give you a good understanding of the trading market and the relevant strategies you need to have. Your main goal is to maximize profit while taking guesswork and emotions out of the decision-making. Look for courses that breakdown what stock trading is all about, what it means, how you can do it well, among other subjects.


Who Are The Trainers?

The best way to learn how to trade in the stock market is to learn from the best. You need to learn from someone who has the experience to back up whatever it is they will teach you. Before signing up, find out who the trainers are. There is so much information available on the online platform that you have no excuse not to do your due diligence.


Do The Online Courses Offer You Support Tools?

Online courses require that you have a level of discipline to complete the different stages. Most of them are in video format, but you also get tons of material to read. It can be challenging, especially if you do not have a very good understanding of the subject. You should, therefore, only sign up for courses that give you extra support tools. Support could include things like face to face communication with some of the trainers. You can also get a lot of help from community groups or forums. You also want a platform where you can interact with other students so that you can share information.


Does The Course Cover The Subjects You Want?

Only sign up for an online course that interests you. Stock Market trading is a vast field, and there are many areas of specialization. It goes without saying that in the initial stages, you will need to learn the basics. After that, you may want to go into a specific field. Go through the courses they offer and see whether they satisfy your needs.



Getting the right courses is not enough. You need to learn from people who have been in the industry for a long time. They will teach you the ins and outs, mistakes to avoid, how to make decisions correctly among other essential tips. Most importantly, they will give you critical and objective advice once they evaluate your trading style. You need the feedback because it is not possible to analyze yourself. One thing most professionals have in common is that they took the time to learn from others. They have also been in the field long enough to observe and avoid trading mistakes.


Do They Offer Ongoing Support?

Your training does not end once you graduate. Those offering the online stock-trading courses should help you build beneficial networks. You get to enjoy continuous support; the more you apply your trade. The stock market is a stressful, high-pressure industry, and you will occasionally need the assistance of other people.


Our Top Picks for Online Day Trading Courses

You have taken the crucial step of wanting to learn how to trade in the stock market. You want courses that will give you the relevant knowledge and skill level. We will look at four courses you should consider below:


Clay Trader Robotic trading

You can make tons of cash as a trader from the comfort of your home. You need to do it consistently so that you can start scoring winning trades regularly. It requires that you invest some time in learning how to use charts to truly up your game in trading consistency.

Ask any successful trader what the secret is, and if they’re willing to share it with you, the answer may shock you. It is not about having unlimited resources to trade with. Rather, it all comes down to two things. Eliminating any kind of emotion when trading and maintaining consistency throughout. You can achieve both attributes through learning how to use charts, or what traders may call technical analysis.

The Claytrader Robotic Training will set you on the right path. By the time you are through with the course, you will have a proper understanding of charts, and you will be able to establish consistency in trading.

You may ask yourself what the is the link between charts and emotions. The answer is as simple as, when you are concentrating on a chart, you have no time for emotions. Emotional decisions on the trading floor can cost you a lot of money. You are not able to reason when emotions cloud your thinking. You need to be able to restrict yourself to analyzing the chart and come up with rational decisions.

The Claytrader Robotics training is very comprehensive, and you will get a lot of information in the various categories. The training is in video form and has tons of information that will benefit beginners or those with a little knowledge of technical analysis. The first two videos, for example, give an introduction to technical analysis and charts. You must cover each lesson because each subsequent video draws and builds upon the previous lessons.


Investopedia Academy- Technical Analysis Training

Investopedia Academy technical Analysis training is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to learn about online trading and Investment. You get in-depth knowledge of everything finance. You will particularly enjoy the process because you learn at your own pace. It does not matter what your experience level is; you will get a strong foundation that will set you on the right path.

For beginners, you have the option of the basic technical analysis. You also get a more advanced level for those who may have some experience. You will also learn about reading charts and how to identify specific technical indicators that you can use to capitalize on the price trends. The course will also teach you how to avoid guesswork when making your projections. Anyone can take the course, including retirees or students who want to earn money. It is also an excellent resource for seasoned investors who may need some refresher courses or new tips.

You get a total of 75 lessons, the content is interactive, and you also get some exercises. J.C Parets, the famous mentor among traders and The Chartered Market Technician, does the training. You will get to learn a lot from someone who has the relevant knowledge to determine success at reading charts and executing trading plans.


Learn Plan Profit Training

Ricky Gutierrez shares excellent tips on how to achieve a consistent goal for trading in the stock market. His Learn Plan Profit blueprint to mastering the stock market is a cost that beginners and seasoned traders can benefit from. The one thing you will learn is to value your time a little bit more. It means that you learn how to quickly make a profit in the stock market so that you can fill up your time for other things.

He advocates for a conservative Style of trading, instead of trying to maximize profit all the time. It requires that you take the time to identify and understand potential and profitable patterns. You must know how to scan for quality stock. You set daily, weekly and monthly goals that will guide all your actions. It does not matter whether you plan to trade part-time or full-time; you will get some fantastic tips with this training.

Ricky has come up with an A to Z library that will answer every question you have around Stock Market trading. The courses are in video format, and a lot of the material comes from his personal experience in the field. He will show you which mistakes to avoid, best trading practices, and how to change your mindset to achieve success.

Some of the courses you will cover include fundamentals of investing in the stock market, techniques and strategies for finding quality stocks and trading mechanics, among others.


Cameron Fous4 Training

Looking for success as a day trader? If yes, you should start the process by learning the right steps. The Cameron Fous4 training will take you from a beginner tour professional trader by teaching you how to do it strategically. You will eliminate guesswork and learn to think like a professional trader. Cameron Extensive Insider knowledge gained from years of experience to impact some invaluable insights.

Depending on your skill level, you have the option of the Fous4 Starter that is for beginners on a tight budget. Fous4 Pro covers the complete trading system and gives you active trade support. You also get access to Masterclass, Cloudline psychology, and swing trade, among others. The Fous4 Academy is an application only subscription plan. If you get into the Academy, you will join other professional Traders. You also get access to mental classes and the training room.

It is a 90-day training program that gives you access to plenty of learning material. The unique trading strategy has its basis in over 12 years of trading strategies. The course is straight forward, and you can access it from your mobile devices. You also get live market analysis from seasoned professionals. You can also trade for one or two hours daily.

We have looked at four online trading courses you can consider. They all have fantastic benefits for beginners and those who may have some experience


Final Thoughts

Use our article above as a guide when looking for online day trading courses.

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