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TIM: learn to read and use quotes of level 2 from the 150+ page guide and 6- hour DVD. This will help traders to better trades and executions. Learn how to get profit from right prediction and how to place stop losses, know setups, market games and how to grab opportunity thereby minimizing mistakes and get perfect executions via the Timothy Sykes Course.

Quotes of level 2 as said in Wikipedia

Display of best price for lowest ask and highest bid in data of level 2 is found in given security for every participant in the market. Information of level 2 indicating pressure of selling and buying makes it important to brokers and traders. Similar to share price streaming screen in level 2 is split vertically showing bid price on left and offer price on right in Timothy Sykes Trading.  A surplus of 20/30 orders both on sell and buy prices is seen in stocks traded heavily.

Such information being in public domain is legal and using this, traders can learn to predict movement of securities or shares on short term in combination with traded volume and gain profit. It is found that the market makers are found to be behind the screens and are pleased to sell and buy shares at posted price at the usual market size. A complete depth of book is available for some centers like Nasdaq where each quote of participants gets displayed opines Timothy Sykes.

This is good but it does not match up to the said DVD to learn the best trading practices at an advanced level. Filming this with advanced video technology it can be made available for traders to use and take advantage of and also feel comfortable about it.

Topics in the Tim Sykes Course of level 2 will cover

  • Terms and glossary
  • Basics about trading for beginners
  • Identify 5 signs each for a good time to sell or buy stock
  • Identify the best time to short stock
  • Learn about marketing and hedge funding tactics
  • Trading tricks and traps for late day vs early morning
  • Best and worst software for level 2 trading
  • Learn to analyze data on level 2 on stocks listed on OTCBB and Pink Street
  • Learn to get some more cents for each share on your complete executions thereby increasing the overall savings

To love to trade is the mantra to make more profit opines Timothy Sykes more than just learning the basics of trading.

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Download Timothy Sykes - Learn Level Two Download Timothy Sykes - Learn Level Two
 Download Timothy Sykes - Learn Level Two  Download Timothy Sykes - Learn Level Two

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