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Jan 11, 2017 | Stocks


robotic trading skill sharpening



Starting immediately with Claytrader Robotic Trading and reach the next level fast and thus enhance your confidence in chart reading. Go on to improve your capability in reading stock charts with stock trends technical analysis- trend identification, technical indicators in support and resistance- support and resistances, candlestick charts- candle sticks, and patterns of stock charts- pattern plays.

Become a master in 4 charting foundations

Is one-on-one mentoring classes offered by you? This is the most common query. Until now this has elicited a simple answer NO.

What is designed by the robotic trading interactive is to give a one-on-one teaching atmosphere which ensures to really sharpen the skills of the learner.

What is included in the interactive study guide

Coming with an illustrious study guide every training course will be covered by us in sequence. During the question and answer session you can take time for answering the questions posed. Once ready you hit the play button. Knowing answers from me you can compare your answers and analyze how your faired.

Going through illustrations together sitting with someone is the best way to train yourself. These 15-hour content of 20 videos follow this pattern. These include 4 basics of technical analysis like trends, support and resistance, technical patterns and candle sticks.

Precise videos you get are

  • Session 1- Trend Identification
  • Session 2- Trend Identification
  • Session 3- Trend Identification
  • Session 4- Trend Identification
  • Session 1- Support and Resistance
  • Session 2- Support and Resistance
  • Session 3- Support and Resistance
  • Session 4- Support and Resistance
  • Session 1- Candle Sticks
  • Session 2- Candle Sticks
  • Session 3- Candle Sticks
  • Session 4- Candle Sticks
  • Session 5- Candle Sticks
  • Session 6- Candle Sticks
  • Session 1- Pattern Plays
  • Session 2- Pattern Plays
  • Session 3- Pattern Plays
  • Session 4- Pattern Plays
  • Session 5- Pattern Plays
  • Session 6- Pattern Plays

SIZE: 1,9 GB

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Download ClayTrader - Robotic Trading Skill Sharpening Download ClayTrader - Robotic Trading Skill Sharpening
 Download ClayTrader - Robotic Trading Skill Sharpening  Download ClayTrader - Robotic Trading Skill Sharpening

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ClayTrader – Robotic Trading Skill Sharpening Contents: Videos

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