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Mar 18, 2018 | Blog

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We hear the term “financial freedom” tossed around a lot these days, but what does it really mean? Does it mean we are free from money? Free to spend it however we want? Free from having to go to work for money?

Regardless of age money plays a very important role in our society. Yet few people have a solid idea of how to direct their money to really have their money doing the most work on their behalf. Building Your Financial Fortress for Life addresses this issue. In this program you will learn a model for allocating money that will allow you to build a true financial fortress, one that provides a solid foundation, as well as one that continues to pay you more the longer it stands. You will discover the concepts that wealthy families have taught their children for multiple generations. Now you will have those concepts and can teach them to your family as well.

The good news is you are probably not as far from building true wealth as you think. In particular, many older people who believe they can never reach retirement are surprised to discover they could replace most or all of their income immediately if they simply allocate some of their cash differently.

Course Breakdown

You will learn:

  • What is a financial fortress

  • The keys to wealth

  • How to structure income

  • The role of various investments

  • What true diversification is

  • When you can quit your job for real

  • Keys for cash allocation

  • How much money you need to “Retire”

  • What real financial freedom is

Building Your Financial Fortress for Life is broken into 4 classes. The first class teaches the teaches the three components that build your financial fortress. The following three classes dissect each of the components to help you understand 1) how to build a foundation, 2) understanding and creating cash flow columns and 3) creating a plan/blueprint for building your fortress. Each lesson has very important homework that students should do in conjunction with the lessons. As they work through each lesson they will be building a plan to take and implement.

This program has helped thousands of people learn to think differently about their personal finances and you will certainly find a few gems of wisdom to help you as well.

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