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Jun 11, 2017 | Real Estate & House Flipping


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Learn how to win every listing!


What happens when you imagine yourself thinking about listing appointments? Do you find yourself thinking about how it feels to be rejected by sellers?

Do you picture yourself lying awake in bed at night trying to figure out what you could have done differently to not lose that listing to another agent?

Now, can you imagine how would it feel to walk into every listing appointment feeling 100% confident you will win that listing?

No more fear of rejection or lying awake at night – only feelings of confidence and seeing success when you sit down with a seller at each and every listing presentation.

You don’t have to imagine, because you will have that mindset, along with the knowledge and tools to go with it, after completing the Certified Listing Agent course!

Here’s what two of our recent graduates had to say about the course.

“Awesome! Superb Content!! Next level thinking and approaches to selling real estate! An absolute must for every Realtor.” – Joe Nestor, Certified Listing Agent Graduate

“Wow! First class material. Jeff Cohn is a Rockstar! Rachel Adams and the others deliver tons of value. Thank you; Pat for drawing out that little extra from each presenter. If you are a Realtor or thinking about becoming one, invest in yourself with Rebus University.” – Deon Jones, Keller Williams, Maryland

Your Next Step to Closing More Listings

The Certified Listing Agent course is an elite course which will teach you, no matter your experience, exactly how to take any listing you want.

Rapport building, commission enhancements, sales techniques, objection handling scripts: You will learn exactly – step by step – how to close more listings from eight of the world’s top listing agents – real estate professionals who each have a better than 85% close ratio on the appointments they attend.

Industry expert, Pat Hiban spent hundreds of hours interviewing the top agents from around the world about their listing presentations. The results were over 12 hours of video compiled into a simple, six-step process you can start using today to close more listings.

In the Certified Listing Agent course, Pat sits down with eight of the world’s top listing agents and has them do their exclusive presentation as if Pat was a motivated seller who is interviewing multiple real estate agents. You will watch as each of these listing agents perform the six steps outlined in the CLA course. Then, you will see Pat and the agents discuss, with complete candor, why they do what they do to achieve a close ratio above 85%.

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Download Pat Hiban - Certified Listing Agent Download Pat Hiban - Certified Listing Agent
 Download Pat Hiban - Certified Listing Agent  Download Pat Hiban - Certified Listing Agent

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