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Jan 19, 2017 | Real Estate & House Flipping




Finaly! A System So Foolproof That a Diary Farmer Used It

To Go From Flat Busted To Listing 30 Homes A Month

Like Clockwork Literally Overnight

Unlock The Secrets To Getting More Listings That Will Actually Sell, Learn How To Make It Virtually Impossible For Prospects To Tell You “No”, And Produce More Freedom In Your Life Than Ever Before!

When I moved to Dallas from a dairy farm in Missouri, I was brand spanking new to the real estate world and these systems saved me from having to go back to the farm in defeat and propelled me to become a top-producer in a highly competitive market.

By my third year in the business, I was selling upwards of $20 Million a year using these techniques. These aren’t just hype from someone who has never sold a home, these are practical approaches that work in real-life and that have been featured in numerous industry publications like RisMedia Magazine, KW Outfront Magazine, R.E. Real Estate Magazine, and Real Estate Performance Systems.

I have also shared these with agents and coaching clients all across the country that have now built highly successful businesses and I have covered them at over a thousand seminars in 45 states.

Now they are available to you without being a member of our coaching and training program. The entire system is designed to allow you begin immediate implementation so you can begin to get results from Day 1.

Being THE recognized authority in your market is easier than you think. The key is having the best strategies and the most effective systems for total market domination. So, I’ve compiled the systems that I developed and implemented into my own business to go from zero listings, zero closings, and zero cash after my first six months in the business to $7 Million in sales at the end of my very first year!

With the Listing Boss system, you’ll learn:

01.Listing Presentation Mastery and Turning Listings Into Leads—we’ll walk you through the entire process of crafting the perfect listing presentation and converting those listings into massive automatic lead generators.

02.How to take advantage of short sales, probate, and direct marketing to dominate niches that others neglect and don’t understand.

03.How to grow your business with a team and leverage human capital and intellectual resources to maximize your success.

It’s important to surround yourself with like-minded professionals in order to accelerate growth, so you’ll also have the opportunity to network with other agents across the country to sharpen your skills through group conversation and role-play.

This network will become a powerful part of your business as you share ideas, experiences, and build a strong referral base.

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Download Hoss Pratt - The Listing Boss Download Hoss Pratt - The Listing Boss
 Download Hoss Pratt - The Listing Boss  Download Hoss Pratt - The Listing Boss

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