Colibri Trader – The Price Action Method

Feb 10, 2017 | Stocks





I have been working in the financial industry for the past decade. My experience has started by trading for my own account. In 2011 I have won the KBC Stock Market Challenge and briefly afterwards started working for one of the leading Proprietary Trading companies in London. I have traded with one of the biggest traders in UK and the trading method that we have developed has turned into this trading course. This course will show you how I have traded in the past decade and reveal the way the biggest Prop Traders in London are trading.

By becoming a member, you will receive not simply a trading course. You will receive decades long experience of experienced traders. You will see the way I trade step by step and I will not hide anything along the way. You will have the opportunity to learn from my videos and trading manuals that show my trading system in great details. In my personal opinion, the successful trading is not so much about the system, but about the attitude you have and the discipline you should employ in your trading. That is what a lot of traders are missing and that is what I will share with you. That is the way hedge funds, prop trading houses and banks trade on a daily basis.


Video Trading Course ( 24 Videos).

Special Extra- Advanced Trading Techniques.

Over 140 Pages Of Trading Manuals

SIZE: 200 MB

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Download Colibri Trader - The Price Action Method Download Colibri Trader - The Price Action Method
 Download Colibri Trader - The Price Action Method  Download Colibri Trader - The Price Action Method

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Colibri Trader – The Price Action Method Contents: Videos, Pdfs

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