BK Forex & ForexLive – NFP Webinar 02.05.2016

Sep 30, 2016 | Forex

ForexLive and BK Forex are teaming up for a Non-farm payrolls extravaganza


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Trade NFPs LIVE with BKForex & ForexLive – 02/05/2016

2 Hour Special!

Learn to Trade Non-Farm Payrolls with the Most Sought Out Experts in the Forex Industry


Ryan Littlestone

Director of ForexLive. More than 20 years Financial Market Experience. Trades His Own Account, Analyzes the Markets and Shares his Wisdom with the Forex Community.

Boris Schlossberg

Managing Partner of BKForex.  Day Trader Extraordinaire.  Master EA Developer.  Author of Technical Analysis for the Forex Market.  And a Pretty Damn Good Cook.

Kathy Lien

Managing Partner of BKForex.  Forex Market Guru.  The Queen of the Big Macro Trade.  Author of Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currency Market.  And a Very Proud New Mommy.


Ryan Littlestone

I’ll be joining two of the brightest in the business this Friday for a Free 2 hour live webinar, and you’re welcome to join us. Boris Schlossberg and Kathy Lien have been in markets for many years and offer a wealth of experience. Already nearly 50% of the spaces have been reserved but there’s still time to book a slot.

Trading economic data is hard enough and the NFP report is one of the hardest due to its potential volatility. That volatility is likely to be even greater this month as it comes before what might be a very big FOMC.

It’s generally not my style to trade the seconds before or after the jobs report. I prefer to take the time to assess what the details mean and what that means for prices both short and long term. I like to be pre-armed with levels that I’m willing to trade should the report move the market towards them. Both Kathy and Boris take the same approach as they know that the NFP report can be a lottery of a release.

In the webinar we want to give you an idea of how we analyse a market in the minutes after a big release. We hope that there will be some good trades but just as importantly, we will be on the look out for any bad ones to avoid.

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Download BK Forex & ForexLive - NFP Webinar 02.05.2016 Download BK Forex & ForexLive - NFP Webinar 02.05.2016
 Download BK Forex & ForexLive - NFP Webinar 02.05.2016  Download BK Forex & ForexLive - NFP Webinar 02.05.2016

BK Forex – NFP Webinar 02.05.2016 Contents: Video

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