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Aug 14, 2018 | Forex

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Price Action Mastery

– Istitutional understanding of price action

– 5 lectures, each lecture has recorded videos, training sessions.Intensive assigments before students can proceed to the next lecture. Once studentcompletes watching all videos, training sessions and assigments, they will be attending live small group REVISION and Q&A session with the mentor

– Course is divided between Primary Analysis (Price Action) and Secondary Analysis (fibs,harmonic, chart patterns)

– How to approach the market as a professional trader. Special training on how to develop a professional mindset i.e how to reduce fear and greed.

– Students are expected to complete lecture 1&2 then 2 weeks of demo supervised training using Primary Analysis. After the satisfactory completion, students will progress to lecture 3-5 and then another 2 weeks of demo supervised training where students will be trading using both primary and secondary analysis together

– Forex as Business Plan, 100,000 return on an investement of 1000 only by focusing on 20 pips a day, 100 pips a week or 400 pips a month

– Weekly webinar for continuous development & prep-talks in order to make an assessment of students progress

At the end of the course all graduates are provided with a simple business plan showing exactly how our mentors and alumni have successfully turned a 1000Ł  investement into a six figure sum within just twelve month


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Download WIXFA – Price Action Mastery Download WIXFA – Price Action Mastery
 Download WIXFA – Price Action Mastery  Download WIXFA – Price Action Mastery

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