My Price Reversion and Session Momentum strategies are recurring price sequences and/or structures within each market that present a single setup at the start of every session. These setups can also be carried into other markets, too.

To go into more detail, I noticed through nothing more complicated than looking at the charts every single day for weeks and months on end that certain price points would either attract or repel price to or away from them. When I noticed this happening extremely frequently, I built statistics on the occurrences, tested varying parameters that may allow me to profit from them, eventually was able to implement rules and from there, used this information to build both strategies.

To be more specific however, My Price Reversion strategy is an edge built around one specific mean-reversion price-point, and my Session Momentum strategy is an edge built around one specific momentum-play that outlines an entry-point, and executes to capture short-term directional moves.

My Higher-Timeframe Bias Bar strategy is a rule-based setup I built around one bias-bar in particular and that can be applied to all markets and all timeframes. I typically identify the bias-bar in question via a D1 timeframe which suits me best due to the very low time-commitment required, before moving down to a H1 timeframe to place an order by following my rules, before then walking away. Again, removing emotion and discretion entirely.

I trade this strategy during the evenings by scanning through the major and minor currency pairs, and if I can identify a setup I place an order – Which takes no more than five minutes to do – Before then, as mentioned, walking away.