Troy Rushton & G. Scott Martin – Futures-Commodity Trading

Apr 23, 2015 | Futures & Commodities

Learn how to trade futures/commodities like a Pro!


Course Description

The course is structured to introduce those interested in understanding the basics of commodity trading with a view to taking the first steps to a career in “Day Trading” the global commodities via the futures markets.

The videos will outline what is required on a personal level the basics to understanding what a commodity is and the participants who are involved in the commodity trading role.

It discusses the mindset for those who may wish to undertake this as a profession and the processes required before one begins their journey of learning.

A discussion, with examples of how those, who wish to hedge their “Risk” and those who wish to undertake risk.

An explanation of the role of the Futures Markets and the how to access the markets, through a broker entity.

The course will also explain the financial possibilities achievable by those who dedicated to following strict rules in regards to personal responsibility and the building of a personal trading plan that will suit each individual.

An introduction into charting software, with links to websites that will enable the course user to study and research for themselves.

A lead into the Advanced course which will go into detail the software that is used, the trading platform setup and in-depth analysis on the technical indicators used to trade the markets with specific trade setups and money management strategies to successfully trade any market and anytime frame suited to the individual.

Our aim is to provide in-depth easy to understand fast-tracking course for those who wish to become private operators.

The setup of their trading business with a trading plan that will enable structured levels of learning and building of confidence to become independent and profitable.

What are the requirements?
  • Take a look at my Introductry free course on the Commodity Futures Trading. Its Free!!
What am I going to get from this course?
  • Over 23 lectures and 5.5 hours of content!
  • Prepare and plan properly a Personal Trading Plan that will be your own guide to selecting and trading the Futures/Commodity markets.
What is the target audience?
  • This Commodity/Futures Trading course is for anyone who is new to trading or has some trading experience. It will show very specific sets of rules for trading not only in the preperation before we trade but also very specific trade and market structures using software to trade in the markets.

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Download Troy Rushton & G. Scott Martin - Futures-Commodity Trading Download Troy Rushton & G. Scott Martin - Futures-Commodity Trading
 Download Troy Rushton & G. Scott Martin - Futures-Commodity Trading  Download Troy Rushton & G. Scott Martin - Futures-Commodity Trading

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