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tradesmart university - japanese trading system


In 1991 the western world discovered Japanese Candlesticks and it changed the way technical analysis is done. But candlesticks are not the only secret Japanese traders have held. Ichimoku Cloud charts are the next iteration of Japanese analysis tools and they are making many trading desks a lot of money.

Discover the hidden secrets of Japanese trend trading. Unlock the long term view that candlesticks can not predict. Identify internal support & resistance levels you may not have seen lurking. Confirm a trend is in the clear or under the cloud.

Class Breakdown

Candlestick trading has been a staple of technical traders for more than 20 years now, but relatively little has been written about or is known about the next iteration of Japanese trading – Ichimoku cloud charts. This system of trading was developed to compliment Candlesticks and make them more powerful for trend trading. Ichimoku Cloud charts are the Japanese answer to identifying trend line support & resistance, recognizing when a larger level of trend is reversing, Identifying continuation price points, and recognizing when consolidation should occur.

Ichimoku Charts are a completely different way of looking at and analyzing market data. Much like the candlesticks that preceded them, cloud charts are very picturesque. The name “Ichimoku Kinko Hyo” actually means “at a glance”. And when properly interpreted, a glance is all you need when looking at these charts.

In this 4-class series traders will learn how to construct the Ichimoku charts, as well as the key interpretation signals, the trading system that works with the clouds, and how to apply these signals to their individual trades. Ichimoku charts are an absolute must for anyone trading Forex or international markets, and they are a great additional for anyone wanting a different way to interpret stock charts for basic stock or option trades.

Class 1

  • History of Japanese Charting
  • Candlesticks meet the clouds
  • Intro to cloud charts
  • How to build a cloud chart

Class 2

  • Reading the cloud charts
  • Key trading signal
  • Interpreting the cloud chart data
  • Buy/sell signals & setting stops

Class 3

  • Testing & proving the system
  • Trading Signal Checklist
  • Walking through the analysis
  • Observations on interpretation

Class 4

  • Strategies for candles and clouds
  • Applying to Forex
  • Option trades with the clouds
  • Multiple Time frame application



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Download TradeSmart University - Japanese Trading Systems (2014) Download TradeSmart University - Japanese Trading Systems (2014)
 Download TradeSmart University - Japanese Trading Systems (2014)  Download TradeSmart University - Japanese Trading Systems (2014)

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