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foundation of forex trading


TradeSmart University is proud to introduce Foundations of Forex Trading. Designed for those brand new to trading forex and seasoned traders alike, the complete program includes twenty-four lessons which lay an essential foundation for those wishing to be active or semi-active traders in the foreign currency market.

The complete Foundations of Forex Trading program is broken into three levels, each featuring eight classes that are roughly 90 minutes each. The entire program includes over 36 hours of online training. Students have the ability to watch the classes on their schedule and may reach out to student success coaches for help with any specific questions. Gold and Platinum members can also get answers to question live in our weekly trading labs. Each class also includes a notebook and many other online resources.

Forex Level 1 Breakdown

In the Level 1 program, you will learn the basics of the foreign currency market. Basics include: Intro to forex, placing orders, types of orders, choosing a broker, pips, currency pairs, various lot sizes, and all of the basic information brand new forex traders need to be aware of. This level is essential for anyone who has never traded forex. It is perfect for those who have traded stocks and have some concepts of trading forex, but know little or nothing about the actual currency market.

Developed for beginners and seasoned traders alike, you will certainly take your trading to a new level with the Foundations of Forex Level 1 program.

Forex Level 2 Breakdown

In Level 2 of Foundations of Forex Trading, you will learn how to read various market conditions and how to build the evidence to determine which trades have the highest probability of success. You will learn the classic technical analysis tools such as line drawing and chart pattern techniques as well as more modern tools such as candlesticks and computer-based technical analysis. For those already familiar with technical analysis they will appreciate the subtle differences which are applied to forex charts vs. traditional equity charts.

The goal with Level 2 is to develop individual traders into quick and accurate technical traders who can trade the market with a neutral approach and react appropriately to any market direction

Forex Level 3 Breakdown

Foundations of Forex Trading Level 3 is the culmination of the Forex training program. This 8 class program pulls everything together from the Foundations of Forex Trading Level 1 and 2 programs, and leads the individual to become what we consider a ?uid trader – a trader who is capable of reading and reacting to various market condition while having a handful of ?exible and effective strategies to succeed and pro?t.

Level 3 is centered around psychology, strategies, and the extremely important discipline of money management (a must in the world of forex). In this level, the student will round out their understanding of Forex trading strategies including longer term positions, as well as shorter term swing trades, and various day-trading techniques. They will also learn how to write and develop custom trading plans, how to plan money management, and how to develop a winning psychology of trading. In our opinion, Level 3 is the difference maker. It provides the information and training to turn would be average traders into trading rock stars!

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