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Apr 21, 2015 | Stocks


I Proudly Present TIMtactics: 43 Special Trading Tips & Tactics I’ve Learned Over The Past Decade

TIMtactics covers 43 trading tips and tactics I’ve learned over the past decade that have given me a definitive “edge” over the thousands of amateur penny stock traders/investors, giving me greater odds of profit on every single trade I make (picture Michael Jordan playing basketball against midgets…in this case, mental midgets) and I communicate these tactics and concepts through 8+ hours worth of video.


The TIMtactics instructional DVD is the recorded version of two 4+ hour webinars and you also get what could be my best work yet, a clear and concise 150 page instruction manual that details all these tactics.


Within a few days, we’ll have this second webinar burned onto DVDs so we can ship those out to everyone and the TIMtactics instructional package will be complete!

I’m not gonna reveal any of these tactics or anything else in this blog post, instead I’ll let some of the first webinar participants themselves tell you what they think of these trading tactics and you have the opportunity to buy this package as a whole now or later (again, if you order before Saturday, preferably ASAP, so we can ship you the DVD and manual to prepare you for Saturday’s webinar!)

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Download Timothy Sykes - TimTactics Download Timothy Sykes - TimTactics
 Download Timothy Sykes - TimTactics  Download Timothy Sykes - TimTactics

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