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Oct 12, 2016 | Stocks


Timothy Sykes timraw (fttuts.com)


This is basically Tim outlining his basic strategies from top to bottom – teaching, answering questions, reviewing trades and dissecting and explaining the markets. If you are having trouble wrapping your head around the markets then this would be a great place to start. Tim seeks to introduce to his viewers a fundamental knowledge of the markets in this DVD package. Great from a beginner to amateur trader, but also has enough useful information for a more advanced trader.

TIMraw is the first time anyone has gotten so much access to a successful trader before — live trades, seminars, the daily routine, etc., making it an extraordinary tool to help teach what steps and mindset are necessary to consistently profit from the stock market.

Learn from 12 hours of footage, some of it pretty, some of it ugly, just like the stock market itself.

TIMraw Features:

-one-on-one teaching

-all-day seminar & Q&A

-the key lessons to enjoying consistent trading profits

-rules used to minimize risk

-mistakes make by Tim that cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars

-detailed book reviews of dozens of the most useful/useless finance books

-lessons from stock market/trader history

-video glossary of important terms and concepts

-websites and technical screens used to find stock to trade

-routines, good and bad trading habits

-Basically everything you’ll ever need to know to increase your trading profits!

This is a monster DVD with over 12 hours of footage to watch.Tim covers a little bit of everything from the basics of his strategy in a Vancouver seminar to finance books he likes and recommends to his routines and websites he uses to find stocks to trade. This one is WELL worth the money and provides lots of valuable information. Another one I highly recommend

SIZE: 2,7 GB

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 Download Timothy Sykes - TIMRaw  Download Timothy Sykes - TIMRaw

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