Timothy Sykes– TIMfundamentals Part Deux

May 6, 2016 | Stocks


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TIMfundamentals Part Deux (TF2) is a 12-hour course that teaches viewers how to build stock watchlists, which websites to use and which to ignore, what research matters most vs. least, and the second half encompasses a full day of trading as I buys solid, if not truly ideal, breakout play for decent profits. This is all the footage from my recent Las Vegas seminar and as I said up top, we spend an hour digging into the ugly skeletons behind NXTH that practically predicted today’s 60% drop….nice little coincidence.

The original TIMfundamentals course is well loved by just about everyone, but Part Deux updates  research process with new websites, tools, and that hugely important new element: live trading.

Tim provides fascinating, educational insight into stock promotion and stories about infamous stock promoters. Sykes explains tricks that they use and how to read PR’s and promotional materials. He explains how they often admit what they are going to do in disclaimers!!! This alone is a potential gold mine and makes trading these stocks very consistently profitable.

Clever techniques using stock splits to wipe out short sellers.

Good money management and discipline tips for novices and experienced traders alike.

Gap downs, morning panics and how traders think is fully explained. He makes it sound sooo simple!!!

Full discussion of his bread and butter pump and dump patterns.

Explains press releases, what to look for and gives real examples.

Last but not least is that he shows you in complete detail how he builds his watch lists!! This is PURE GOLD!!!

He shows tons of real charts from the last ten years and explains the story and thoughts behind each one.

Tim Sykes discusses in detail how he does his stock scans using simple techniques! He builds a real stock watch list in real time using several free websites that everyone can access. Pretty amazing! He primarily looks for stocks in the $1 – $10 range.

Amazingly detailed information about tools and websites to help you, complete with warnings about which sites are actually run by promoters etc.

It is very insightful and a complete education into how he has become so successful. I HIGHLY encourage interested novices to check it out.


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Download Timothy Sykes– TIMfundamentals Part Deux Download Timothy Sykes– TIMfundamentals Part Deux
 Download Timothy Sykes– TIMfundamentals Part Deux  Download Timothy Sykes– TIMfundamentals Part Deux

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