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Oct 11, 2017 | Forex

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The Candlestick Training Series is a complete training which goes over step by step the power and influence of Candlesticks on the Forex Chart. In this training Timon leads a trader through a series of important core market dynamic processes that every trader needs when it comes to assessing the market and candlesticks, aspects include how to determine a high probability trade zone, how to determine transitions of power by looking at the candles, determine indecision points and then decision points. Then to put it all together so a trader has a powerful approach to the market unlike any other out there. An approach that aligns your trading decisions with high probability analysis and good Risk to Reward.

Overall, by the end of the Forex Training series, a trader will be much more confident with candlesticks, know where to consider entry, know where to consider getting out, know what a candle really means, know how to assess potential reward which I am extremely excited to share with you and lastly know how to put it all together to form a trading decision..

Training Itinerary:

Part 1 – Video Part One in the training series goes over how to determine and identify Important Structure and High Probability Zones on the Forex Chart.

Duration – 62 minutes.

Part 2 – In Video Part Two we cover three topics, what I refer to as candle transitions of power, an alert candle, indecision points, decision points and lastly analysing the most powerful candles in Forex. When referring to transitions of power we look at how to determine with candlesticks who is exactly in control and how to determine when a potential change is about to occur. This is a very important process in trading and also what I commonly refer to as an alert candle transition.

Duration – 45 Minutes

Candlestick Basics Video – In this Bonus Video I go over the basics of what a candle is, what makes up a candle and how to reference certain aspects of a candle. While I go over candles all throughout the training this part covers all the basics for those that are newer to candlesticks and to get a better idea of what makes up a candle in general.

Duration – 9 Minutes

Part 3 – In Video Part Three we combine all the processes taught in Part 1 and Part 2 and put them all together and then jump on the charts and look at examples of potential opportunities. This is when the strategy comes in and how to apply what is taught to your future trading.  This part is also about training your eye to the opportunity and getting a feel for all the processes combined. In this part I also reveal a key driving component that I am very excited to reveal to you and that is how to assess potential reward in every opportunity. This concept alone is priceless..

By the end of this part of the training you will be able to determine with confidence how to identify where to trade, what the evidence is by looking at the candlesticks and risk and lastly how to determine whether reward potential is there…

Duration – 90 Minutes

Evaluating Potential Risk to Reward Video – In this Bonus Video I go over how to harness the power of looking at potential reward in trading and how you can include this powerful process in your trading plan. By doing so, you can obtain trades in the market that can offer much more reward than even 2 to 1 targets. In some instances even 3 to 1, 4 to 1, 5 to 1 and even more than a 6 to 1. A very simple process laid out step by step on how to evaluate the potential the market can give, as well as an inside secret of the some of the best traders in the world that use this principle in there trading.

Duration – 15 Minutes

Seeing The Process in Action – In this video part I show the sequence on a live moving chart and 8 trades taken one after the other with the process going from the daily zones to the 4 hour. Shows also how I evaluate evidence and candlesticks in detail, how I assess risk and how I determine potential reward. 8 Trades taken in this video showing a sequence of trades and building a account from $10,000 to to 10,588 dollars or just under 6%.

Duration – 37 Minutes

Book Guide: The Candlestick Training Guide

21 page guide included in the training covering Candlesticks and how they effect the market including how candles got their name, the dominant Candlesticks in the market and the rare types of Candlesticks.  Includes screenshot examples and much more.

Bonus Print Sheet: The Price Action Traders Checklist

The check-list is a bonus print sheet which you can keep by your computer and runs through the process of taking a high probability trade.

SIZE: 1,8 GB

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Download Timon Weller - The Candlestick Training Series Download Timon Weller - The Candlestick Training Series
 Download Timon Weller - The Candlestick Training Series  Download Timon Weller - The Candlestick Training Series

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Timon Weller – The Candlestick Training Series Contents: Videos, Pdfs

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