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May 2, 2016 | Stocks

Learn From The Trader Who

Turned $1,500 Into $2.7 Million

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Learn exactly how I turned a few thousand dollars into over $2.7 million in four short years.

Learn a set of rules and parameters that have made me consistent profits in over 4,000 trades.

Learn the exact trading strategy that has allowed me to trade for a living

Learn how to mitigate risk while trading stocks

Learn how to avoid rookie mistakes that I made

Learn a skillset that has allowed me to make more money than I ever dreamed was possible for myself

The DVD is packed with over 16 HOURS of education, trading techniques and live trade examples.  I recorded live trades so you can see every detail of why I make the trading decisions that I do!  I don’t just teach you how I do it; I show you exactly how I do it! While the first four chapters lay the groundwork for everything that goes into my preparation before I even make a trade, the last eight chapters are where I dive into the specific strategies I use daily.

Each of these chapters teaches a different setup that I use, including a grand total of 35 live trade examples! You will see my entries, my exits, my successes, and my failures. But, most importantly, you will see WHY I make the trading decisions that I do.


Chapter List

Chapter 1 – Introduction and History (0:00:00)

Chapter 2 – Important Beginner Basics (0:22:08)

Chapter 3 – Basics to My Trading Strategies (1:36:41)

Chapter 4 – Educational Services and Daily Preparation (2:37:07)


Chapter List

Chapter 5 – Buying New Stock Promotions (0:00:00)

Chapter 6 – Buying OTC Multiday Breakouts (2:41:03)

Chapter 7 – OTC Short Setups (4:44:17)

Chapter 8 – Buying Major Daily Breakouts (6:23:55)


Chapter List

Chapter 9 – Shorting Lower Highs into Spikes (0:00:00)

Chapter 10 – Shorting into Daily Resistance (0:48:47)

Chapter 11 – Shorting Overextended Gap Downs (2:00:19)

Chapter 12 – Shorting into Bounces (3:10:40)

DVD 4 – Webinar

DVD 5 – Webinar

DVD 6 – Webinar


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 Download Tim Grittani - Trading Tickers  Download Tim Grittani - Trading Tickers

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