The Price Action Room – Ten days Tape Reading

Jun 24, 2016 | Stocks






Twenty-four people were selected to attend this comprehensive 10 day workshop. They varied widely in their experience – there were 2 traders who had never yet placed a live trade, a 30-year S&P pit veteran trying to transition to the screen, and 21 others somewhere in the middle.
Despite the vast difference in experience and skill, they were there for one simple reason: they knew that understanding order flow was critical to their success as short-term traders.

Each attendee had the opportunity to ask for a refund if they felt the instruction was not living up to their expectations – and yet not one person requested a refund. In fact, one trader made this comment: “You are selling this way too cheap! I have spent nearly $60,000 on education over the past ten years, and I learned more in the first two sessions than in everything else I bought put together. I finally get it – THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Each of the attendees was invited to bring their own trades to the table so that they could get personalized guidance on what they already felt comfortable with. Some attendees received help in breaking away from indicators; others got guidance in trade management. Everyone received blunt but honest advice about what is required to succeed in today’s brutal market environment.

The entire workshop was recorded, and is now available as a set of four high-quality recordings. You will receive over 22 hours of instruction covering the topics listed below, and as well can view several hours of recorded trades so that you can rewind and play again to understand how to start using these skills in your own trading.

Topics covered in the recording:

– Platform setup – if it isn’t done right, you’re going to miss the most important information streaming into your tradestation.
– A thorough, hands-on discussion of how to read the order flow on your Time & Sales window.
– Wish you could break away from lagging indicators? We’ll show you how!
– See how to correlate the tape back to your DOM and charts.
– Price action trading from a chart? Learn how to confirm YOUR chart setups with the tape.
– Stuck in the destructive cycle of SIM trading? We’re going to show you how to develop the confidence to trade real money.
– Learn how to deal with damaging emotions such as fear and greed.
– Wish you knew how to manage your trades? Find out numerous professional strategies.
– Still don’t have a trading plan? We’re going to discuss numerous facets of a professional trader’s action plan.
–  Learn how to track the market manipulators and large traders using only your DOM and Time & Sales.
– Bonus! Learn how High Frequency Traders are operating in your instruments, and how you must adapt to compete with them.


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Download The Price Action Room - Ten days Tape Reading Download The Price Action Room - Ten days Tape Reading
 Download The Price Action Room - Ten days Tape Reading  Download The Price Action Room - Ten days Tape Reading

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