Scott Brown – Bullet-Proof Options – Controlled Leverage Investing Methods

Oct 9, 2015 | Forex, Options, Real Estate & House Flipping, Stocks

Bullet-Proof Options – Controlled Leverage Investing Methods

Master secrets of controlled leverage investing. Use techniques employed by masters like Warren Buffet or George Soros.

Bullet-Proof Options


Course Description

How’s this for Stellar Profits?

  • 6.24% one day profit of $9,760.05 on FB calls [9-2-2014]
  • 2.75% one day profit of $3,430.87 on FB calls [10-21-2014]
  • 9.39% one day profit of $8,054.73 on FB calls [12-18-2014]
  • 26.67% one day profit of $21,607.50 on AAPL calls [1-28-2015]
  • 16.49% one day profit of $16,390.50 on AAPL calls [1-29-2015]
  • 6.47% one day profit of $7,740.00 on APPL calls [2-10-2015]
  • 6.25% one day profit of $15,688.10 on APPL calls [2-23-2015]

They add up.

Had you been one of the lucky few who followed Dr. Brown in 2013 and 2014 you would have watched him extract a 60 and 66% return — not on one lucky trade — on account. These are the returns in his single stock option portfolio. Read on to find out how you may reap these kind of gains this year with this best kept secret from the academic genius side of Wall Street.

In this course you will be introduced to the one perfect option strategy. The buzz is palpable …

  • [Student email on 1st of October 2015]On another note, I wanted to tell you how well presented I thought the options course you put on udemy is. I’ve liked all your productions but this one is probably the best, in my opinion. Very nicely articulated in a relaxed but poignant manner, great graphics that engage the viewers attention while absorbing the audio material, and providing a simple, usable and profitable method for option trading. The best part is you cut right through all the other crap that brokers and charlatans use as their mainstay for option services and slap them down with academic studies that disprove it all. Really, really nice job ?? Cheers!-Mountain Man

Dear fellow investor,

My name is Scott. I am a successful academic expert in options with extensive actual experience as a professional trader for my own account. By successful I mean that I am able to make significant amounts of money for my family. I watch over our finances as a financial steward.

Sometimes I am asked how I was able to become so successful in such a difficult game.

I became obsessed with finance from trading futures. This led me to obtain a Ph.D. in finance from the University of South Carolina.

This was no small feat.

The Ph.D. in finance at the University of South Carolina accepts just two students every two years from large application pools. The two applicants who win admission have tuition waived for free.

Competition is fierce because we live on pensions during the 5 years it takes to earn a doctoral degree in financial economics. Nobody with a finance Ph.D. from an AACSB business school owes student loans.

The American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) provides internationally recognized, specialized accreditation for business and accounting programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral level.

Senator Elizabeth Warren shows that a university professor with a highly quantitative Ph.D. such as finance almost never endures bankruptcy because of this. It also helps that we command high pay.

But If You Thought Medical School Was Tough …

For this reason about a hundred new doctorates in finance become new professors each year at the worlds best business schools.

Another reason we make more is that we are such hard workers in finance. This is one of the last old world style apprentice systems.

We work 365 days per year as research assistance to the brightest financial academics in the world.

The finance faculty from whom we strive to earn a doctorate in finance owns us. After years of grinding through tomes of mathematical derivations half of us become finance professors with medical school faculty sized salaries.

That’s because the other half pumps up our market price by starting on Wall Street at $350K per year or more.

One of us in my class did just that. The last family photo we saw was that of his wife draped over the Maserati in front of their mansion in the Hamptons.

When I caught up to him this summer he corrected me. It was not the Maserati, they has sold that the year before.

She was draped over the new Lamborghini.

I chuckle when a Wolf of Wall Street misleads individual retail investors into believing that we teach because we can’t trade. The reality could not be further from the truth. Go back and peruse my personal results I have posted above.

These results have been audited by TD Ameritrade and OptionsXpress.


Stop reading investment newsletter recommendations written by drunks, con artists and imbeciles. Learn to find your option trades on your own.

Sidestep these bad option trading strategies that will bleed your account dry faster than a one armed bandit on the Las Vegas strip. Losing stock option strategies are routinely touted by marketing cheats, scoundrels and incompetents operating major investment newsletters.

And it’s official that I am at the top of the Wolves of Wall Street enemy list. My shocking revelations of Wall Street’s investment newsletters have boosted me right up to numero uno.

Now, making #1 on this list is not such an easy feat.

After all, professor Bill Christie of Vanderbilt university stirred up quite a list of “enemy” brokers, directors, presidents and the CEO. Dr. Christie’s research revealed that the NASDAQ was ripping off millions of retail investors with illegally excessive transaction costs in the form of an artificially wide bid ask spread.

So how did I — another simple finance professor from a major state university — make it to the top?

Maybe it was my exposé on the investment newsletter industry that was featured in the Certified Financial Analysis CFA Digest. This research was published at the top of financial academia in the prestigious academic journal Financial Management.

  • Brown, Cao and Powers (2013) Do Investment Newsletters Move markets. Financial Management 42(2). 315-338.

This crucial study showed that widely subscribed investment newsletters in the Mark Hulbert Financial Digest offer nothing but loss and emotional pain to their subscribers — despite routine claims of return percentages in the hundreds.

Study This or Go Broke!

It could be for this reason — or a dozen other revelations like them. The kind I publish every month in this course’s bulletin, “Strategic Option Intelligence.”

In fact, I’ve been called the “most fearless financial academic in the world today.”

But you won’t read my writing in any mainstream financial press. They don’t have the — well, let’s just say the guts — to publish my insights and findings.

In short, I will bring you the financial stories that no one else will touch. These are stories that will shape your financial world of tomorrow.

I will go anywhere and do anything to get the truth. And I will tell it to you, no matter who objects.

My fearless style has made me a lot of enemies — some of them in the highest places in the Wolves of Wall Street pack.

That is why the CFA Digest did a cover piece on my research.

This most prestigious paragon of proper financial conduct felt that getting the word out about my research was of paramount importance to you.

Here Is the Student Response …

Dr. Scott Brown is one of the sharpest guys I know. Highly recommended.” — Alex Green, New York Times Best Selling author of the “Gone Fishing Portfolio”

Most newsletters and trainers want you just trust them that they will make you money. But Dr. Brown is a unique combination of academic prowess and street smarts skill. He is the man to take you from a mere patriot of others to a knowledgeable trader. If you want to add discernment to your tool box and make money in the process, you must learn from the Doctor.” — Joe Martinson, Los Angeles, California, USA

Keep doing what you’re doing. What you are teaching is 100% correct. Marketing is a tough business, especially with the plethora of BS out there on how easy it is to make money trading… Keep it real and grounded in facts and you should attract long term clients who will enhance your service. I really appreciate your efforts in sharing.–F.M.

Dear Doc Brown, I am writing this email to express my heartfelt gratitude for this course you have put up. I have completed the course and the reading part, and it has brought a lot of light and richness to my perception of viewing markets. I shall come back to you to share with you how well did I fare. That would be another story, another time. As of now, only wanted to tell you that just viewing your lectures has brought me lot of joy in itself. Thank you very much… May the creator bless you with abundance of love, laughter and happiness!” Sincerely, Rajkumar Mehta

Yep, got it now. Thanks Scott. By the way, the DITM Call strategy seems to be working very well for me…started about two months ago with two positions and both are working well…thanks for that too!Bob Crandalls.

My brain is mush right now (I wish I could say it was from beer). IMy brain is mush because I’ve just went through 280 charts in about 30 minutes. WOW! I am as happy as a fat hog in slop. Was this your brainchild? What a great idea. Not only does it really cut through the burden of time and effort, but it seems to instill confidence in me, knowing I have a great place to start and drill down on these great possibilities that present themselves, and if I just follow along my criteria that you have instilled in me, we should be sailing together on a world cruise in a few years. I’m very happy to have found you,T. Swan

There are very few people I trust enough to take their blanket recommendations….that is why this is so helpful….. learning to cherry pick the best trades and to run trailing stops or hedge using appropriate shorts …….RR, California (Retired Radiologist)

Doc Brown Delivers Stories Others Are Afraid to Touch

If you look at my research you can see why the Wolves of Wall Street would like to silence me. My work shows that every penny spent on investment newsletter advice is money flushed down the toilet.

That is because those who can make money in the market won’t bother with the technical problems of running an investment newsletter. Newsletter editors who make enough writing an investment newsletter do so because they can’t make money in the market.

And that is just what the newsletters are trying to get you to do what they say when they write “buy this” or “sell that.” Here is an actual line that just hit my mailbox,

The true story of how this trader turned $2,000 into $10 million from his kitchen table, in 9 months.” Don’t for a moment believe this lie.

If these marketers can get you to take action in your trading account they know one thing for certain.

It will be a snap to get you to buy their next dud of an expensive annual fee investment newsletter, $5,000 course or $20,000 boot camp — glossed up with fancy promises and fancy sales copy writing. These marketers make their money selling shiny ideas without regard to the true returns underlying each strategy.

The underlying economics of the newsletter industry I reveal to you is quite bizarre.

Investment newsletter subscribers lose millions every year investing in bad ideas. Investment newsletter publishers make millions in annual subscription fees.

But now I have uncovered the ultimate lie from the Wolves of Wall Street. This investment fib truly pukes up losses of scandalous proportions.

Which Option Strategies Are Tailor Made For Those Born to Lose?

If you have ever been interested in options there are a few strategies you must immediately become aware of to avoid like the plague. These fundamental options trading techniques are guaranteed to lose straight out of the barrel.

And they form the basis for compound option trading strategies that expose investors to very big losses. Why are these strategies so popular among brokers as well as newsletter editors?

Compound option strategies don’t just cause complex losses they also kick out vastly larger brokerage fees.

But the true returns to investors of these strategies have been so hard to calculate that it was impossible to “prove” the danger to investor accounts. So it was easy for investment newsletter marketers to falsely claim that these horrific options trading strategies actually made money.

Until now!

A seminal option trading article came out last year in the #1 ranked Journal of Finance. This probing study proves that most strategies touted by the financial media are a sure ticket to the poor house. And the Wolves of Wall Street are biting their nails in hopes that you never learn the truth that emerges from this article.

Watch Advanced Training 2 — Stock Options as Lotteries

The research is so full of “rocket sciencemath that the true meaning has never been revealed to the public — until now by me to you. This cutting edge research proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that only one of these options strategies is a winner.

  • Buying index and ETF options.
  • Selling Index and ETF options.
  • Covered Calls
  • Put Selling
  • Short Expiration Call
  • Short Expiration Put
  • Protective Put
  • Bull Spread
  • Bear Spread
  • Iron Condor Spread
  • Butterfly Spread
  • Deep in the Money Far Expiration Call
  • Straddle
  • Strangle

isn’t that crazy?

Only one of the strategies above is a winner?! Can you guess which?

Most option strategies c are outright disastrous or produce mediocre returns to the investors who try them.

One strategy alone on the list above actually stands to make investors big money. Do you want to know which?

It truly is the one perfect option strategy. Enroll now and here is what you get…

This course teaches you how to trade the one — perfect — option strategy. I take you by the hand and mentor you through each step of my unique ultra-high beta controlled leverage long term investment process.

Introduction 1 — The Option Mechanics Toolbox Every Savvy Stock Investor Must Master

Benefits to you …

  • Laser impress permanently into your mind the precise mechanics of exercise and strike.
  • See why index options can be very different beasts from plain vanilla stock options.
  • Marvel at the modern American invention of the derivative.
  • How options derive their value from underlying investments.
  • Watch as I reveal to you how the option price is derived from the underlying.
  • Grasp the power of extrinsic time value above and beyond intrinsic option premium price.
  • Develop a strong sense of moneyness.
  • Utilize payoff diagrams for serious real money campaigns.
  • See how a covered call is the same as a bank deposit, a call and a short stock.
  • Employ a time decay chart to clearly see your best option bets for maximal probable profits.

Introduction 2 — Basic Option Pricing with Binomial Outcome Trees for Valuation!

More benefits to you …

  • Model option value on expiration date.
  • Calculate the hedge ratio also known as delta.
  • See how option premium changes for each unit rise of underlying stock.
  • Grasp how options trade in a parallel yet connected universe with equity markets.
  • See risk neutrality as a special case of certainty equivalence.
  • Marvel at how call option payoff is zero in the binomial down state.
  • Reintroduce yourself to Euler’s number from high school math.
  • Create a pyramidal matrix of possible share prices.
  • Use the risk free rate of return to model forward up and down share price movements.
  • Plug probabilities of a rise or fall into the binomial model.

Introduction 3 — Black Scholes Option Pricing Theory and the Real World Impacts!

Even more benefits …

  • Recognize the five key variables Fischer Black and Myron Scholes used to model option pricing.
  • Utilize the knowledge of how fluctuations of the underlying stock influence the price of puts and calls.
  • Know when underlying volatility is pumping up option values.
  • Wonder at how increasing interest rates actually increases call values but hammer put prices.
  • Employ the VXN to compare the implied volatility of the NASDAQ to that of any other stock market index.
  • Grasp the value of a call as the share price less a bank loan.
  • Blaze into your mind via a time decay chart the reality that the farther out in expiration an option is the more valuable it becomes.
  • Derive year fractional expiration as days remaining divided by 365.
  • Value any call as delta times the underlying share price less a bank loan.
  • Repulse at how warrants gifted to fat cats dilute your ownership share in private placement investments.

Introduction 4 — Real Options Offer Insights Into Your Real Estate Investments!

Yet still more benefits …

  • Analyze the choice of two real estate option projects under high and low demand.
  • Consider the real option case of oil tankers that can be mothballed when unprofitable.
  • Reflect on the combination-turbine electricity market from a real options perspective.
  • Ponder how large aircraft assembly firms streamline sales with real options.
  • Peruse a graph that proves that the NPV of a real option decision to purchase an expensive asset is about zero with long time to delivery.
  • Why real options are rarely available in practice.
  • See how real options apply to pharmaceutical share pricing as firms move through consecutive FDA approval trails.
  • Examine how real options can change underlying pricing conditions.
  • Build your understanding of how real estate options can help you.
  • Strengthen your economic intuition with knowledge of real options.

Enjoy the Advantage of Superior Information

And this is just a smattering of the total benefits of this program.

If you enroll right now you get the best option training on the web today. To get the same quality of options trading training anywhere else would cost you $185,052 in elite MBA mentoring at a school such as New York University Stern or Harvard Schools of Business.

To enroll now mash that rectangular blue button to the right up there. It has these words “Take This Course.

Invest some of your PayPal electronic pocket change towards a brighter financial future!


Dr. Scott Brown, Associate Professor of Finance of the AACSB Accredited Graduate School of Business of the University of Puerto Rico

P.S. This is a risk free offer. Udemy extends to you a 30 day money back guarantee.

P.P.S.: FREE Bonus: Doc Brown’s Strategic Option Intelligence Monthly [$19,997 Value]. This is the only investment newsletter published by a highly profitable professional option trader and finance professor at a major state university.

P.P.P.S. Join now. The tuition for this course will be increasing to $299 unannounced over the course of this fall semester of 2015.

What are the requirements?

  • Basic high school math.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 7 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  • Discover the vast yet small differences between American puts and calls and their European style kissing cousins.
  • Map the span of puts and calls across stocks, futures and forex.
  • Fathom how new financial assets are created from other assets.
  • Master the concept of option premium so similar to insurance payments.
  • Measure the intrinsic value between the strike and underlying price.
  • Clarify complex jargon such as the exercise and strike which have the same meaning.
  • Learn to use position diagrams for deep economic intuition into option trading strategy.
  • Fully visualize the break-even point of any option transaction.
  • Use these keen insights to develop the put-call parity relationship.
  • Map out the valuation limits on both puts and calls.
  • Use the binomial model to solve any option valuation problem.
  • Correctly gauge how up and down underlying movements influence option valuation.
  • Use option delta as the ratio of the spread of possible premium values over share price possibilities.
  • Arrange valuation modeling within a risk-neutral universe.
  • Link the sigma volatility of underlying stock to option premium price.
  • Employ the binomial option pricing model of finance professors Cox, Ross, and Rubenstein.
  • Watch the binomial model converge to the Black-Scholes.
  • Calculate values and probabilities at each node of a binomial model.
  • Estimate the direct measure of rise in a stock.
  • Recall Euler’s number as equal to 2.71828.
  • Harness the ultra-precise power of continuous time mathematics to calculate the true value of your options.
  • Pull delta values from cumulative normal distribution tables of the Excel function NORMSDIST(d).
  • See how increasing the exercise price ramps up put value but hammers calls.
  • Map out each of the components and variable of the Black-Scholes pricing model.
  • See how far times to expiration are more costly but offer far more protection against adverse underlying share price movements.
  • Become wise as to the meaning of the log-normal distribution rightward skew and limited downside.
  • Learn to expect more extreme profitable movements than you would otherwise expect.
  • Calculate call values for employee stock options gifted to dirt bag CEOs and their crony crew.
  • Utilize the VIX to measure aggregate fluctuations in market wide implied volatility.
  • Recognize that there are at least five other option pricing variations in addition to the binomial and the Black-Scholes models for unique market situations.
  • Recognize your real option to wait.
  • Understand real options to expand.
  • View trimming down or abandoning as a real option for corporate managers.
  • See the ability to adjust or vary production and output as a valuable real option.
  • Recognize the value of a real option as the difference between project NPV with and without the option.
  • Use real options to re-value negative NPV projects with vast turnaround potential.
  • Graph out the real option to wait.
  • Diagram the loss in option value if a competitor beats firm managers to the punch.
  • See how the ability to wait and do nothing offer higher real option values.
  • Memorize the relationship that Real Option Value = Intrinsic Value + Time Premium

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone interested in option trading should take this course.
  • Those interested in stock investing should take this course.

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Download Scott Brown - Bullet-Proof Options - Controlled Leverage Investing Methods Download Scott Brown - Bullet-Proof Options - Controlled Leverage Investing Methods
 Download Scott Brown - Bullet-Proof Options - Controlled Leverage Investing Methods  Download Scott Brown - Bullet-Proof Options - Controlled Leverage Investing Methods

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