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Oct 11, 2017 | Stocks

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Learn How The Professionals Make

Daily Profits Betfair Trading in 2017

Allow me to explain what this is all about, why so many members are sending us such emails, and howthis Scalping course can help you to make profits yourself. I will start right at the beginning, so you fully understand this offer:

What is Betfair Scalping, and Trading?

Betfair scalping is not a new concept, and many people try do it, but what is not readily available, is a step by step instruction on how it is completed by those who know exactly what they are doing.

To put it simply, Betfair scalping is a process whereby we take advantage of the amount of bets people place on Betfair on a daily basis, and we simply complete a few actions on every race, and take a small cut of the money entering the markets. Betfair Scalping Profits is a systematic approach to skimming a certain profit from the Betfair markets, and taking advantage of price movements that happen on every race.

We do this before the racing even starts, so that by the time the action has started, we are already out of the event with a profit being made. In the UK there are approximately 20 horse races per day, and we will teach you how to use BetAngel software to scalp a profit from almost every race on a daily basis.

This course is 100% ‘newbie friendly’ – We take you by the hand and teach you everything you need to know. How to use the software, right through to making profits – all in baby steps that anybody could understand. If you have watched tutorials in the past (or even other Betfair trading courses) and still been ‘left wondering’, then with our course you will be left with no doubt on which actions you need to take to make this work for you.

What Does The Product Contain?

1) 45+ High definition (HD) videos totalling over 7 hours of professional training – Full explanations.

2) Live video showing ALL live trading examples – Taking you step-by-step – newbie friendly.

3) How to set up the software – How to set up the BetAngel software exactly how it is needed.

4) How to use the course – Explains exactly how to get the best out of the course for maximum potential.

5) Trading psychology – The mentality side of trading is explained in detail, and it’s importance.

6) Explaining the basics of scalping – Different types of scalps, and uses.

7) How profits are made – Endless detailed explanations on how to profit using live video footage.

8) Betting banks and staking – How to use your betting bank, and what stakes to use.

9) Dealing with price movements – Avoiding the price going against you, and gaining control.

10) Using stop losses – Built in safety mechanisms that protect your trading against losses.

11) Turning losses into profits – How to turn around a trade to ensure a profit is made.

12) Proof of profits using Betfair profit and loss account – Actual Betfair account proof.

13) Proof of customer results – From screenshots and emails of actual customer profits.

14) Email video responses – Video responses for all member benefit to questions sent in by other members.

15) Advanced scalping training – Advancements over the basic scalping for massively increasing profits.

16) Filtering races for maximum profits – Using the right type of races for maximum profit potential.

17) Creating a no lose scalping situation – Where you can double your profits potentially with zero risk.

18) How to create risk-free trading – Which effectively gives you a free trade to go in play with and increase profits.

19) Using higher stakes for higher profits – Scaling up for higher gains. and trading less for more returns.

20) Member Feedback Section – (NEW) videos are created based on particular questions, and are then explained for all.

This is the most comprehensive Betfair scalping video tutorial available on the internet today (this statement comes directly from our customers!). And now with over 7 hours of HD video tutorials, you can be sure that every aspect has been covered to place you in the position to make this work for you also. Remember, you are going to be trained by a trader who makes profits on Betfair 7 days a week.

SIZE: 3,1+ GB

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Download Scalping Betfair For Daily Profits Download Scalping Betfair For Daily Profits
 Download Scalping Betfair For Daily Profits  Download Scalping Betfair For Daily Profits

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Scalping Betfair For Daily Profits Contents: Videos, Pdf

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