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Dear Trader:

Ever wished you can watch a career trader in action?

To see how he assesses each and every trade?

To witness how he reacts to all the nuances of the market and how he makes decisions on the fly?

To look over his shoulder as trades are executed, stops placed and profits/losses are taken?

Announcing the availability of Vadym Graifer’s new Scalping Video Course! Six months in the making and using the latest computer technology, this amazing video course consists of a compilation of REAL PLAYS recorded and narrated by Vadym Graifer as he trades the market real time – right off his personal trading station!

Vad Reveals Trading Techniques That Not Only Saved His Trading Career But Have Enabled Him to Profit Consistently From the Market Ever Since!

This video course gives you the rare opportunity to “peek” over a professional trader’s  shoulder!

“Vad Demonstrates his Arsenal of Very Short Term Trading (Scalping) Techniques under Live Market Conditions!

Fasten your seat belt and take the co-pilot seat next to Vad! Watch this seasoned pro navigate the market. Listen and play along as each trade unfolds – Right on your screen live!

– No hindsight commentaries.

– No “you should do this, you shouldn’t do that”.

– See ACTUAL plays with running REAL TIME commentary.

As each trade develops, Vad lets you in on his thinking process; how his plans change dynamically. You will see why he took the trade, how stops were placed/ trailed, where and why the profits/losses were taken.

If Vad made a mistake – you will see it.

If Vad hesitated – you will hear it.

If Vad did well – you will learn from it.

Vad takes you from the beginning…. starting with his multi-monitor layout to trading tools; to software configuration; to actual setups that are used for dozens of actual trades. All with little editing – 100% raw and 100% real!


Before further discussion on “scalping”, I want to dispell the widely believed misconceptions about this scalping. Let me set the record straight. Scalping is NOT about playing the spread, or trading for rebate. This is not what I do and it’s not something I teach. If this is what you are looking for, you are in the wrong place. Scalping to me is about taking small profits and winning more consistently and frequently.

Scalping allows you to decrease your exposure to the market. Investors are subjected to unpredictable news events while they are in an open position. Swing traders face the perils of overnight gaps. Even the active day trader can be affected by a sudden market turn.

Scalpers, on the other hand, engage in a trade for very brief period of time and controls their risk so tightly that probability of being hit hard is extremely low.

“A Must-Have Resource for Anyone Seeking to Earn a Steady Income by Trading the Market”

Swing traders and position traders will find that using scalping as complementary trading approach they can add safety and improve cost basis of their trades.

Part-time traders will find that scalping allows them to participate in market movements with minimal risk.

Day traders will add scalps to improve their bottom line.

Struggling traders going through a losing streak will find that scalping is he best way to restore confidence.

Finally, ANY trader, whatever his or her time frame is, will find scalping to be a great way to trade at times when it seems nothing works.

Video Course Content

CD #1



Screen 1 Scanner

Screen 2

Screen 3

Screen 4

Ready! Set! Execute!

Fast Sell Feature

Using Reserve

Hidden Order

Fake Bids – Fool or Be Fooled

Risk Evaluation by Level II

Low Float Mover

Premarket Fakeout

CD #2

Setups That I Play

Morning Warm-up

OK Coffee Is In

MOGN Short Scalp




Change of Plans! From Scalp to Day Trade

CD #3

Lunch Money

Not too Great of a Trade

Each Setup is Separate

One Boring Day

Stopped Play IMAX

Conservative Entry EMMS

Salmon JBE

Double Bottom Confirmation


CD #4

Scalping 1

Scalping 2

SIZE: 1,3 GB


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