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Nov 23, 2018 | Options

So I was sitting here this evening, looking at this blank field in the shopping cart editor, hands poised over the keyboard, thinking to myself: “What could I do to truly help people learn the art of tape reading? What kind of special could I put together that would advance their skills by 5 or 6 years in a few short months? What does a person need today to succeed as a trader for years to come?” As I pondered the options, I came to the conclusion that an aspiring trader would need the following items, so I began to type:

1. The Jigsaw Time & Sales – you know the one we introduced to the world in 2011 – the algorithm recalculates the incoming data and regroups the executions back into the original orders. No more guessing about the quant firms and HFT’s who are placing orders worth several hundred million dollars just to see if anyone nibbles. Are they here? Are they going to get me? Can I follow them? No more wondering about whether it’s a bunch of little onesies-twosies placing the orders. See when the big boys are acting and when they are sitting on their hands. To be clear, this product does not include the Jigsaw Trading tools, but I can make it available to you at a reasonable price, and once you watch it work, you will NOT want to use your built-in T&S and DOM.

2. Extensive instruction as to how to use the Time & Sales and DOM. In fact, this product contains nearly 70 hours of recorded training sessions explaining how to use these powerful tools to quickly augment your existing training style. In addition to the tape reading education, many other elements which a trader must understand are discussed – risk management, account management, trade management, how a small trader should begin, and so on.

3. A way to make certain that any client has the ability to ask questions during live market sessions after they view the recorded training. After all, most traders will benefit from personalized help in adding the art of tape reading to their existing trading plan.

Sound like a good solution for you? Simply begin your journey to becoming a successful tape reader.

SIZE: 13,7 GB

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Download Price Action Room – Tape Reading Explained Download Price Action Room – Tape Reading Explained
 Download Price Action Room – Tape Reading Explained  Download Price Action Room – Tape Reading Explained

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