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Oct 5, 2015 | Stocks



About “The Palm Beach Letter”
The Palm Beach Letter is a general circulation publication that aims to provide its subscribers with useful advice about building wealth, living well, and investing.
When we launched The Palm Beach Letter, we decided to create a publication that was unlike anything the industry had ever seen.
And our idea was that, instead of bringing you stock picks the way everybody else does, we would give you a comprehensive wealth-building program. The goal of our wealth-building program is simple:
Get richer every single day.
This way, when you calculate your net worth at the end of the year, and you realize you are tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands dollars wealthier than you were a year before, you’ll want to keep reading our letter.


The Palm Beach Letter is our flagship investment advisory. It’s based on proven wealth-building strategies of New York Times best-selling author and multi-millionaire entrepreneur Mark Ford, and the financial market expertise of Tom Dyson. This advisory teaches you how to generate new streams of active income, then invest it wisely using low-risk strategies to build and sustain your wealth. Each month, a team of analysts recommends the safest and most profitable investment ideas in the world under one single rule: Never lose money. Meanwhile, as you invest in the markets, Mark will show you “outside-the-market” wealth building strategies through his own complementary essay series called, Creating Wealth.


Why 57,949 Folks Read

The Palm Beach Letter…

The Palm Beach Letter was created by Mark Ford and Tom Dyson with one simple mission…

To be the best financial newsletter in the world.

How are we doing?

Since launching in 2011, our stock recommendations have given subscribers the opportunity for gains such as 40% on Unilever, 60% on Yahoo, and even 81% on Inter Parfums.

In fact, we’ve recommended a total of 57 stocks over the years, and 41 have been winners.

That’s a stunning 71.9% win rate, so far.

Still, being the best financial newsletter in the world means offering even more value…

That’s why, in addition to stock recommendations, we also write about unique, “off-Wall Street” investment ideas you won’t read anywhere else.

For example, we recently told subscribers about a little-known account that can pay you 30-40 times more interest than what the big banks offer—and it lets you do it tax-free!

We’ve also shown readers a very unique way to collect safe, steady retirement income without ever buying a stock or bond!

But the best measure of our success is how well our subscribers do following what we recommend. So, here’s just a handful of subscriber testimonials from the 1,000+ we’ve received…

“I have learned more about investing from your newsletter than any of the
others I have subscribed to in the last 30 years.”
—Dr. Deepak C.

“Thank you for the insightful and honest guidance you have provided. I have
only been a subscriber for 8 months, and my portfolio is up 78%.”
— Linda M.

“I have made more on the ideas in The Palm Beach Letter, and worry less about them, than any of the other newsletters I subscribe to.”—Dr. Chris B.

All told, The Palm Beach Letter is the total package if you want to create and keep wealth.



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