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May 29, 2016 | Options


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Fastest Way To Tap Into True Trading Veteran Minds And Extract All Of The Money Making Skills Used For Over A Decade To Dominate The Market! It’s so simple once you have a true veteran in your corner. No hype. No B.S. Just true scientific methods used by real world floor traders to generate maximum profit and virtually eliminate risk.
Module 1 :
An education in Option Theory must be approached in the same way an office building is built. The first thing is to build a strong, solid and sound foundation. Option essentials take you through the myriad of terms and concepts that allow you build the foundation upon which you will learn about options the right way. All of the basic definitions (option, put, call, strike, expiration, assignment, etc.) will be defined and the option pricing model (the root of option valuation) will be explored. The exploration of the model is the best way to understanding how an options price is derived and how options react to changes in market variables.
In this module, you will learn…
•Why options trading is the only true form of HEDGING the stock trading arena. Once you know why and how… not only will your money be safe… you’ll be able to apply these simple-to-learn strategies for the next 20-30-and 40 years!
•How to avoid losing your shirt overnight while you sleep! Unfortunately it’s happened… but… you’ll now be able to prevent it If you follow this one Master tactic.
•How to master trading options. This allows you to skip all the hype of products that claim “you’ll be an expert overnight.”
•Simple plan that allows you to really understand options trading the way floor traders had to know. They are a dying breed… but they knew their craft. Here’s your chance to “crawl” inside their minds.
•Why the OCC (Options Clearing Council) is the mediator between traders and how this will protect your money like Fort Knox!
•How to get the maximum profit solely based on the options architecture! Understanding this, is like getting 10 years of experience crammed into 20 minutes
•The number one biggest public misconception about options trading. If you don’t know this myth… you’ll fall victim to every charlatan out there distributing their latest “scheme” about options trading.
•Why mutual funds are more risky than options trading… and what you can do to increase the bottom line of your portfolio.
•Why options strategies will protect you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year… guaranteed! Just “knowing” you have real portfolio protection allows you to sleep at night because your assets are PROTECTED!
•The number one key to understanding how to trade options. You need even before you start! If you don’t have this simple little key… your options trading is doomed, and you won’t have a clue why.
•How the pricing model of options trading functions. This allows you to understand, at an elementary level… “How you’re going to profit from options!”
•Why the nature of an option reveals the potential profit and risk scenario. This is key insight (one you don’t want to do without!) to be an independent trader of options for the rest of your life.
•How to follow the “experts” advice and “know the math.” It’s actually simpler than most explain. You’ll be taught the same way we explained it to Wall Street insiders, but the real key is that you’ll grasp how it will profit you, in less than 10 minutes!
•Why the “meat” is the best chance of where the stock is going to finish. Once you know the final landing place of a stock you’ll know the most profitable place to trade. (This is worth the price of course alone!)
•How to determine whether or not your option is going to doom your portfolio. If it’s in this zone in the pricing model… your walking on a tight rope in hurricane force winds! And the worst part is… there’s no net!
•Why a common pricing model from the 1970’s has one inherent flaw and how to avoid a potential disaster from pricing an option using this model.
•How an extremely accurate approach could actually cost you money just because it won’t cooperate with you when you want it to.
•Why one pricing model expresses better integrity over time BUT has a huge flaw that almost makes it completely obsolete. If you choose this as your primary pricing model… you’ll lose only because of this one overlooked fact!
•Why the “Greeks” are extremely important for you to understand and grasp on an elementary level.
•The simplest explanation of the “Greeks” and how to properly use them. The exact same “talk” we did in front of a group of rookie options traders a little over 10 years ago… and probably the most important option trading insight you’ll ever learn.
•Why the “Greeks” are you insurance against loss. If you have at the very least a basic understanding of “advanced” canned strategies but don’t know your “Greeks,” you can still lose… and lose big… because your “Greeks” are your insurance against a bad decision.
•An elementary graphing exercise that charts for you how a stock is going to act and its volatility movements.
•The number one key strategy to options trading. It’s simple, powerful, yet commonly overlooked… and now you’ll grasp it, use it, and maximize its potential for the betterment of your portfolio, family, and future.
•How to guarantee profit 75-82% of the time on short term buy/sell strategies. (You’ll love this when you learn how to use this tactic.)
•How to avoid buying and selling at the wrong time. If you don’t understand this one simple strategy… you’ll be paying double the commission costs that could have gone into your pocket.
•How to generate profits when everyone else is waiting for something to happen. It’s proactive and simple, and you’ll feel great when everyone else looks down because they didn’t DO what you know to DO!
•How to analyze volatility and exploit promising trades. You won’t have to worry yourself about whether or not you made the right choice once you know this options trading principle. You’ll rest assured knowing you’ll profit any way the tables turn…
Module 1.1 – Introduction
Module 1.2 – The Option Pricing Model
Module 1.3 – The Option Pricing Model
Module 1.4 – Pricing Model Inputs
Module 1.5 – The Greeks – Delta
Module 1.6 – The Greeks – Gamma
Module 1.7 – The Greeks – Theta
Module 1.8 – The Greeks – Vega

Module 2 :
In this class, we begin to study the two types of option: calls and puts. You will learn how calls and puts function and how they can be used individually. The Greek sensitivities of both calls and puts will be investigated. Further, we start to examine how calls and puts of different months and strikes are connected with each other. Finally, we look at how synthetic positions are constructed and how they help to reveal the secret relationships that bind all calls and puts together.
In this module, you will learn…

•How to generate unlimited income from one type of Call option. It seems unfair but it’s not. It’s something us floor traders did before everything went computerized, and we became obsolete. The only problem is, now just a few people know it because there are very few experts left. (But you’ll get to know it, too!)
•One simple strategy you’ll be happy to risk your money in. It sounds crazy but after you learn it… not only will you do it, you’ll write to thank us for revealing it to you.
•How to create synthetic long calls. And simple ways to validate them.
•One secret about reversals and conversions people commonly overlook. If you know it… you’ll profit. It’s that simple. But if you don’t you’ll get caught thinking you’re making a wise decision.
•A simple cross cancellation that could be “money in your pocket” based on one little known idea.
•How to double your money using a simple formula. Yes it’s really that easy and that profitable. (It’s going to blow your mind how easy it is.)
Module 2.1 – Calls
Module 2.2 – Puts
Module 2.3 – Trading Calls & Puts
Module 2.4 – Intro to Synthetics
Module 2.5 – Synthetic Stock
Module 2.6 – Synthetic Calls
Module 2.7 – Synthetic Puts

Module 3 :
With the essentials and fundamental now fully under your belt, it is time to learn about the basic strategies. See how buy-writes, sell-writes, protective puts, synthetic puts and collars work to enhance your profits and hedge your risk. Each strategy will be defined and explained in detail. The maximum profits, maximum loss, risks and rewards of each strategy will be explored with examples showing how the strategy will perform under a variety of changing variables. Finally, the “when to use” and all important “how to close” procedures will be discussed.
In this module, you will learn…
•Which put provides maximum protection for a short stock position. After you grasp this call your travel agent… because you’ll want to take your profits, pay the capital gains tax and take a vacation!
•How to take advantage of aggressive down side movement. This gives you the ability to profit in a bear and bull market. Either way, you come out on top.
•One bullish strategy that by nature gives you a better profit scenario. (This is one powerful strategy you need to learn before you even think about trading.)
•How to collect money in a stagnant stock. No motion has to be made (which is about ¾’s of the time) to profit from this strategy.
•Which type of stock to buy covered calls on that virtually eliminates all risk. You’ll never again worry about your decision making process. You’ll get it the first time once you know the key to this process.
Module 3.1 – Covered Call
Module 3.2 – Covered Put
Module 3.3 – The Protective Put
Module 3.4 – The Protective Put – Continue
Module 3.5 – Synthetic Put Positions
Module 3.6 – The Collar

Module 4 :
Now that you have mastered the basic option strategies, it is time to learn about the advanced strategies. The advanced strategies differ from the basic strategies in the fact that advanced strategies feature options teamed with other options as opposed to options teamed with stock. In this class, see how vertical spreads, calendar spreads, straddles, strangles, butterflies and condors and collars offer you large profit potential in a hedged position with lower entry dollar costs. Each strategy will be defined and explained in detail. The maximum profits, maximum loss, risks and rewards of each strategy will be explored with examples showing how the strategy will perform under a variety of changing variables. Finally, the “when to use” and all-important “how to close” procedures will be discussed.
In this module, you will learn…

•One strategy that made several traders MILLIONS when the market continually fell in a downward spiral. This type of information allows you to hedge your portfolio no matter what the market conditions are.
•Which strategy provides you with maximum protection for long stock positions, protect on long runs, and gives maximum downside profit protection.
•Save your cash! How to lock in profits and protect them without having to spend a lot of money to do so.
•How to avoid paying the high percentages of short term capital gains tax and only have to pay long term (lower percentage) capital gains tax.
•One strategy that reveals a controlled fixed known amount of loss. This allows you to make quick BIG profits and control big losses. It’s a numbers game. You make $3… and lose $1… still doubling your money in minutes!
Module 4.1 – Vertical Spreads
Module 4.2 – Time Spreads
Module 4.3 – Diagonal Spreads
Module 4.4 – Straddles
Module 4.5 – Strangles
Module 4.6 – Butterflies
Module 4.7 – Condors


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