MoneyZG – Crypto Investor Course

Oct 30, 2022 | Crypto

Crypto Investor Course

Learn how professionals trade and invest.

Cryptocurrency trading, analysis and investing. Learn about the crypto markets in great detail with guidance from a former London Stock Exchange broker.

Learn vital trading and investing lessons like:

  • How to invest along the risk curve

  • How to value assets

  • How to analyse crypto projects

  • The value of tokenomics

  • How to use decentralised finance

  • How to analyse on-chain data

  • Full trading guidance from a pro

  • How to use blockchain apps

  • Full crypto wallet guidance

  • How I build my crypto portfolio

I’ve decided to put every single bit of trading knowledge i have into this course. Crypto is a HUGE topic, but you NEED to know how professionals trade and invest in the real world.

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