Mike Baghdady – The Power of Price Behavior

May 20, 2016 | Forex, Futures & Commodities, Options

This course is by Mike Baghdady the winner of The World of Trading Show

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This Course is About:

– What creates trading opportunities

– Behavior of Trends

• Mike Baghdady is known as Mr. ®Price Behaviour™
• Mike is the developer of the ®Price Behaviour™ trading methodology and is the world’s foremost expert on price behavior
• He developed proprietary ®Price Behaviour™ trading system software that has been used at some of the world’s largest financial institutions and funds
• Mike is the founder and chief Trader at ®Training Traders™: http://www.trainingtraders.com/
• Mike has trained thousands of professional traders around the globe at leading financial institutions and exchanges.
In a Cermony in Riyadh HRH. Dr. Prince Saif Aislam Bin Saud Bin Abdelaziz awards Mike Baghdady in recognition for his innovative work with Price Behavior and training traders Globally
• He has taught a series of technical trading techniques to more than 50 banks and institutions and delivered many keynote speeches around the globe
• He is a 35 year veteran of the global financial markets and has held NASD licenses series 3, 7, 55 and 63
• He is a regular contributor to CNBC, BLOOMBERG, BBC and QUEST BUSINESS
• He is a graduate of the American University at Cairo in Egypt & Victoria College Cairo
• As a commodity trader, he ran one of the largest Commodity Grain Houses in the Middle East for 15 years
• Mike was named ‘Trader of the Month’ by The Traders Magazine, June 2010: http://www.trainingtraders.com/Multimedia/PDF/mike16.pdf
• He actively trades Forex, commodities, stock, futures and options
• Mike was head trader at Fund at The New York Board of Trade. He called out trades for his team on the exchange floor
• He was responsible for training many of the floor traders to transition from floor trading to technical trading using charts and computer screens
• Mike was one of only a handful of market technicians in the world who publicly advised his clients to short this Bear market at its inception in November 2007 when the Dow Jones was at 13,300
• He is a syndicated columnist and commentator
• He launched the New Turtle Traders


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Download Mike Baghdady - The Power of Price Behavior Download Mike Baghdady - The Power of Price Behavior
 Download Mike Baghdady - The Power of Price Behavior  Download Mike Baghdady - The Power of Price Behavior

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