Macro to Micro Volatility Trading – Mark Whistler

Jan 28, 2019 | Forex, Options, Stocks

Clarify volatility in Forex, stocks, options, futures, and virtually all other markets; see how and why mainstream perceptions of markets and volatility are often flawed with online forex trading course. Macro to Micro Volatility Trading contains savvy trading strategy and methodology to help understand how and why volatility and standard deviations are connected… In addition, Macro to Micro Volatility Trading details how common perceptions of standard deviations and the “shape” of distributions may be misunderstood within the ever-changing dynamic paradigm of real markets and trading. See how dynamic probability is a leading indicator within markets, not a static measurement of risk.

Specifically, see how to enact Macro to Micro volatility trading analysis drilling into short-term time frames to identify high reward, low risk trades. Witness how larger market expectations (and uncertainty) can yield big profits for almost any trader.

Understand why major indices and markets are (and will likely remain) locked in volatility cycles over the next few years. Forex, stock, options, and futures psychology and trading clarified through an easy to understand – fresh and novel – approach to volatility. Start trading with volatility and probability on your side – trade with an insider’s edge, not opinions delivered by mainstream Wall Street media.

Learn how volatility decreases when expectations align, but spikes when uncertainty persists, and how and why such is vital in being able to decipher the difference between trending and mean reversion opportunities.

From the trenches – from a real trader – Macro to Micro Volatility Trading is for anyone who truly wants to break new ground within his (or her) trading. This book is not likely for the investor who wants to rely on simple technical signals, or a “red line crosses blue line system.” This book is for professionals and retail traders who are serious about their trading, serious about profiting within markets, and serious about putting in the time to understand how and why volatility truly presents opportunity in all market conditions.

This book is likely not for 95% of retail investors/traders; rather, Macro to Micro Volatility Trading is for professionals, dedicated and tenured traders, and serious investors attempting to make a living from markets.



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