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Sep 8, 2016 | Real Estate & House Flipping


Ken Stimson - Rivers of Gold Probate Course (


Probate offers a remarkable way to find property that no else knows is for sale. Since other people don’t know it is for sale, how can they bid against you? Well the answer is: they can’t! Because of this and because the address of the property never appears in print or on a multiple list as a property for sale, you can often purchase these properties at 30% or more below prevailing market values.

This gives you plenty of margin to work with during the renovation process and makes it far more likely that you can sell the property for a handsome profit, than if you were to buy a comparable property paying retail using a Real Estate Agent. Probate properties are often owned free and clear. In many cases this means you may be able to have the heirs take back a loan and help you finance the property with very favorable terms.

Frequently, probate properties also include valuable personal property including cars, boats, antique furniture, jewelry, and raw land that can make finding these properties even more valuable. Finally, you can provide a valuable service to the Estate by helping liquidate the property so that the heirs can get on with their lives. This is especially true if the heirs live some distance away from the property, or if the property is in need of substantial renovation or repair.

The opportunity to help solve other people’s problems represents a golden opportunity to reap considerable reward.

The System

Most small businesses fail for lack of a system. The Rivers of Gold offers a complete business system, starting with an overview of the Probate process, the terminology and all the players involved.

The system includes segments on:

• Where to look and how to find Probate properties
• How to assess what they should be worth when renovated for resale
• How to determine what you should offer to pay
• Who to talk to, when to talk to them and what to say
• How to work with Bankers to get them working on your behalf
• How to work with Real Estate Agents and enlist their help and expertise when it comes time to sell your property
• What to renovate and repair for maximum return on your investment of time and money
• How to approach personal property
• Plus, Diana offers tips and suggestions on how to organize your business to maximize profitability while minimizing your risk and tax exposure.

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Ken Stimson - Rivers of Gold Probate Course (

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Download Ken Stimson - Rivers of Gold Probate Course Download Ken Stimson - Rivers of Gold Probate Course
 Download Ken Stimson - Rivers of Gold Probate Course  Download Ken Stimson - Rivers of Gold Probate Course


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