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May 16, 2017 | Real Estate & House Flipping


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How to Build a SIX-FIGURE Wholesaling Business…

While Staying 100% Legal

(Hint: Avoiding a felony indictment is tougher than you think)

Investors like yourself—who love the rush of finding quick and lucrative wholesale deals—might have a big bullseye on your back and not even realize it.

Because while wholesaling is legal in all 50 states… 99% of investors are wholesaling ILLEGALLY. You likely breaking the law and not even know you’re doing it.

Heck, most gurus are wholesaling wrong (if they’re still active in the business) and are teaching students incomplete strategies because they don’t even know how to wholesale legally.

This puts you and your family in deep danger that can result in a FELONY… HEFTY FINES… and even JAIL time.

YES you read that right, you could be committing a felony when you wholesale a property because of incomplete strategies that you’ve been taught from others.

And here’s a sobering fact. When you’re a convicted FELON that means you cannot vote, own a firearm, apply for any Government grant etc.

You lose a lot of your rights as a citizen by having a felony on your record and it stays with you for life.

So good luck applying for a job after you get hit with the hefty wholesaling fines when you get caught doing it illegally.

That’s right…even if you’ve closed hundreds of wholesale deals and are hooked on the big profits and low risk appeal of wholesaling…

You might have a MAJOR problem.

That’s why you’ll benefit from our Wholesale Reformation… because we show you the ONLY legal way to PROFIT from wholesaling with complete step-by-step training on how to build a wholesaling business from the ground up.

The Best Way To Get Out Of Trouble Is To Never Get Into Trouble

Real estate investing is the only business where you can make $5,000… $10,000… $25,000… even $50,000+ in the matter of days. And most investors do it by wholesaling.

But you better become compliant and learn to wholesale the LEGAL way. Or else all those fat profits will go to paying fines and attorney fees!

It’s the reason why I created Wholesale Reformation.

I knew how important it was to teach the truth and help investors stay out of hot water.

They needed to know the complete (and LEGAL) way to wholesale a property from start to finish.

Because wholesalers who are doing business improperly—and do not know even know they’re breaking any laws— are now facing criminal prosecutions.

So if you are actively engaged in wholesaling or are trying to wholesale real estate, you need to be aware of what you legally can and cannot do.

The lines between what is legal and illegal can be easily confused.

It’s why I personally sought the help of Jeffrey Watson. He’s the General Counsel for the National Real Estate Investors Association (NREIA).

As a real estate investor himself, Jeff is an expert in both real estate investing tactics and the legal ramifications of each.

In fact, Jeff is a nationally recognized authority regarding regulatory challenges with wholesaling, and currently represents established commercial and residential real estate investors.

You could say he’s kind of a big deal.

So I was thrilled when we partnered together to create a complete wholesaling system aimed to keeping investors out of trouble—and out of jail!

How LEGAL are Your Contracts?

The most important thing you can do as a wholesaling investor is to make sure your contracts are accurate.

Because when it comes to contract law, the intent and capacity of the parties who enter the contract are extremely important elements.

If you are unaware of the specifics of contract law and its applied wholesaling principles, you are jeopardizing yourself and your financial future!

You must arm yourself with the essential legal knowledge… the kind of information that’s in our Wholesale Reformation program. Here’s what we cover:

  1. Getting Free Deals – We cover 4 strategies you can use daily to get the best deals for $0
  2. Paid ways to bring in seller leads that nobody can get but you
  3. The Combo Motivated Seller – how to bring in motivated sellers that have multiple levels of motivation
  4. When To Assign & When To Double Close Your Wholesale Deals
  5. Assigning Deals (The Legal Way)
  6. Double Closing Deals (The Legal Way)
  7. How to find the funding to double close (HINT: We have it for you)
  8. The Biggest Mistakes The Biggest Names Are Making – What you need to stop doing immediately
  9. What to do if you know you’ve wholesaled illegally
  10. How To Sell Your Wholesale Deals To Cash Buyers In 7 Days Or Less – done for you examples of how to legally market your wholesale deals
  11. Generate Cash, Accumulate Wealth and How To Keep Both
  12. How To Completely Transform Your Wholesaling Business Into A Machine
  13. How To Make Your 1st (legal) $100,000 Wholesaling In 30 Days or Less

Whether you’re a wholesale newbie or a seasoned wholesale investor…I GUARANTEE you will learn extremely valuable information that can keep you out of hot water with regulators.

And since the fines are so incredibly hefty, taking this program can literally SAVE YOU TENS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS.

But if saving you a ton of cash wasn’t enough…

I’m throwing in some incredibly useful tax tips that will help KEEP that money in your pocket —and out of Uncle Sam’s hands.

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