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Nov 3, 2016 | Forex


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Master the Art of High Reward, Low Risk Forex Trading with top Fund Manager…

Dear Aspiring Forex Trader,

Jarratt Davis is Forexmentor.com’s resident fund trader who has achieved consistent successful trading performance for many years. Jarratt operates a real time trading room service at Forexmentor called Fund Trader Academy (formerly Liveconnect) with other qualified moderators where they alert subscribers possible trade setups and train traders “on the fly”.

A critical element of a professional trader’s success is risk control. Until a forex completely masters this aspect of his trading, he will not have long lasting success.

In this video course, Jarratt Davis and Vic Noble spell out the methods and strategies that Jarratt uses to trade successfully while risking very little of his capital. This style of trading has earned Jarratt respect and recognition from his peers. These course details powerful strategies that Jarratt uses to put the odds on his side with every trade. These are the same strategies which have allowed Jarratt to enjoy nice annual returns for the past 5 years and has made him a top-ranking fund trader in the world.

One of the key parts of Jarratt’s strategy is the low risk profile of his trades where he never risks more than 1% of his trading account. These small risk levels allow him to enter into trades with the confidence of knowing that any losses will be extremely small, yet the profits will be extremely large by comparison.

Here’s what you will learn in “High Reward, Low Risk Forex Trading”:

  • Risk Management
  • Money Management
  • Trade Management
  • Stop Placement
  • Profit Objective
  • Tools
  • Market Flow
  • Pivots
  • Fibonacci Support/Resistance
  • The High Reward Low Risk Strategies
  • Trading In Line with the 4-Hour Market Flow
  • Draw Fib From Prev. Day Highs/Lows
  • Trip Confluence for Entry
  • Trailing Stops
  • Psychology of Trading
  • Over-Leveraging
  • Deviating from the Plan
  • Extra Hints and Tips
  • Daily Pivot Buying/Selling Zones
  • Candlestick Formation as Confirmation
  • Trade as Set & Forget Method
  • Accessing Trades for StrengthAnd much more!


  • Traders who are struggling with big losses.
  • New traders looking to start trading safely.
  • Traders frustrated by occasional big drawdowns even though they have many winning trades.

In order to provide some additional value, Jarratt will include some bonus resources not available anywhere else.


Jarratt has recorded numerous video tutorials that explain the entire methodology in even more detail! These videos discuss topics such as his “Pivot Zone Trade”, “the Trend Trade”, “Identifying Swing Points”, “Psychological Considerations” and many more.


All of the tools and indicators that Jarratt uses are made available to you for use on the MT4 platform! Things such as automatic Pivot Calculations, Daily Range Calculator, Adding Fib levels, plus many more, are all included!


We have provided several live trade example videos to help you better understand the trade set ups. Jarratt walks thru these trades as they unfold and shows you how to apply his trading principles. Again, these strategies are the exact approaches Jarratt has used successfully in his own trading for many years.

High Reward, Low Risk is valuable resource that’s an absolute must have for all Forex traders. I urge you to take advantage of the vast experience and insight offered in this course and bonus resources.

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Download Jarratt Davis and Vic Noble - High Reward Low Risk Forex Trading Download Jarratt Davis and Vic Noble - High Reward Low Risk Forex Trading
 Download Jarratt Davis and Vic Noble - High Reward Low Risk Forex Trading  Download Jarratt Davis and Vic Noble - High Reward Low Risk Forex Trading

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Jarratt Davis and Vic Noble – High Reward Low Risk Forex Trading  Contents: Videos, Pdfs

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