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Oct 2, 2018 | Stocks

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Receive online training based on prop firm graduate programmes. Trading coaches with verified performance. High quality training and support.

Our Training Works

We provide the most effective retail trader training available online.

We have many students that are now making their main income from their trading. We only display testimonials from former students that are verified.

Our training is so powerful because it was created by an active hedge fund manager, Jarratt Davis. While running his managed account programme Jarratt was ranked as the second best performing FX fund manager in the world.

This was in his category of traders managing up to $10 million in between the beginning of 2008 and the end of 2013.

Before launching his own fund in 2017, Jarratt worked inside professional trading firms in London.

He saw first-hand how these firms develop and nurture successful traders. These training techniques are the cornerstone of our two-month online training programme.

We complement all of this high-quality training with dedicated support from our team of profitable trading coaches. We only employ former students that can show us a profitable track record of 6 months or longer on real money.

These former students will guide you through the same journey to success that they have already mastered themselves.

We provide everything you need to become profitable

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Download Jarrat Davis – Trader Training Programme Download Jarrat Davis – Trader Training Programme
 Download Jarrat Davis – Trader Training Programme  Download Jarrat Davis – Trader Training Programme

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Jarrat Davis – Trader Training Programme Contents: Videos, Pdfs

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