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Don Fishback-Profit Power Seminar (


The most comprehensive educational product ever offered. See Don in-person at one of his live Profit Power weekends each year! After you learn trading strategies not revealed anywhere else, and get Don’s answers to all your questions, you can walk away with as many as three trades you can implement the morning after the seminar is over. If you can’t attend a live seminar, or if you simply don’t want to wait for a seminar in your area, the course is available in a Head-Start option on DVD.

Profit Power is the only place where you can get everthing Don teaches. At the seminar Don will teach you: Option Basics, The Market-Breadth System, High-Profit Trading, High-Probability Trading, The Home-Run Trade, The Six-Number System, The Momentum System, The ODDS Market-Timing Model, and more.

Course agenda covers

Day One:

Five Steps to Success

– How to use a disciplined approach to making money with predictability.

– You never just trade options. You go into the business of trading options.

– Use the same tools they use to build the palace-like casinos of Las Vegas.

– Learn how to manage your options business the same way an insurance company manages its business.

– Learn how to do it safely and with predictability.

Option Basics – Building the Foundation 1

A quick review of the jargon of options trading.

– Review of the basic principles that make options trading different from stock trading (Learn how to EASILY avoid the single biggest mistake that options traders make).

Market Breadth System

– The easiest money-making strategy you’ve ever learned.

– Predict the direction of the stock market with unbelievable precision.

– Combine that with a super-simple, short-term option strategy.

– No need for a data feed or expensive quote systems.

– It only takes five minutes a day.

Investment Strategies – What do I do with my “safe money”?

– A simple three-pronged approach that takes just a few minutes each week.

– I use this to trade my family’s nest egg (ALONE WORTH THE PRICE OF THE ENTIRE COURSE).

– Asset Allocation – six numbers available free on the internet, plus ten minutes each weekend could make you wealthy beyond your dreams.

– Value Investing – dividends tell us what stocks to buy and what stocks to avoid. Extremely simple. It takes just a few minutes just once a year!

– Momentum Investing – the trend is your friend, until it ends. Shockingly easy. It takes just a few minutes just once a year!

UP +109% since the beginning of the devastating bear market beginning January 1, 2000!!

Option Basics – Building the Foundation 2 – How to change the outdated rules of trading

– Learn a way to trade so that you make money if the stock goes up or down.

– Everything you need to know about Delta.

– Learn how to use gamma to make sure you have unlimited profit potential.

– Learn how to determine the delta of every single trade you make.

– Learn the way individuals can actually trade Delta neutral . Don’t fall into some promoter’s trap touting an impossible-to-implement strategy.

– Learn about fair value and the common mistakes most traders make.

– Use one simple indicator to buy options when they’re cheap and sell them when they’re expensive.

– Use this tool to reduce risk, increase profits and improve your chances for success.

ODDS High-Profit Trading

– Learn how to pinpoint a huge move in any stock, in any sector.

– Don’t settle for small profits.

– Find explosive breakout opportunities to generate monster profits.

– Works in bull markets and bear markets.

Day Two:

The Amazing Home Run Trade

– Profit when others panic.

– Just two simple indicators.

– 100% accurate since 1990.

– Not a single loser in over 14 years.

– Worst performer was a 60% PROFIT!

– It doesn’t trade often, but when it does, the precision and the size of the profits are staggering.

– Pick the exact bottom in the market when there’s “blood in the streets”, then select the right option strategy that will offer the best chance for hitting that giant “Home Run”.

Building the Foundation 3 – Synthetic positions – Essential for any trader

– Learn why the concept of synthetic (or equivalent) positions is the single most important factor at work when evaluating probability.

– Learn simple ways to reduce costs and increase profits through the use of equivalent positions.

ODDS High-Probability Trading

– Learn how to let the market choose for you the strategy that meets your desired probability for profit.

– In historical testing, this strategy has been accurate more than 95% of the time.

– Learn how to evaluate any strategy for risk and reward.

– Reverse the risk! Learn a profit-taking strategy that can reduce your risk to zero and give you the opportunity to make unlimited profits.

– Learn the powerful multiplier formula that can make your trades even more profitable with less risk.

Putting it all together—revisit the five steps that can turn your trading into the world’s most perfect business

By the way, not only will you learn about the methods that we use in our own personal trading, but you will learn specific trading rules for each system. We show you precisely when to get in, and just as important, when to get out. We’ve eliminated ambiguity, so that you can implement what you’ve learned right away.

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Download Don Fishback - Profit Power (Profit Secrets of Options Trading) Download Don Fishback - Profit Power (Profit Secrets of Options Trading)
 Download Don Fishback - Profit Power (Profit Secrets of Options Trading)  Download Don Fishback - Profit Power (Profit Secrets of Options Trading)

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