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Dec 8, 2015 | Options, Stocks

Learn lessons on how I traded a small account to make over $300,000 in profits in less than four years.

Course Description

Trading options when you are starting can become difficult and confusing due to the amount of information overload. Often times trading courses are taught by non-professional traders who have never worked for investment banks, hedge funds or let alone worked in the financial industry. This alone leads to improper teaching and bad habits that can create turmoil for investing accounts. With over 10+ years as a professional trader on a hedge fund desk and starting my career at the age of twenty as an Analyst with Charles Schwab I’ve traded almost every market environment and close to every asset class available.

This course takes lessons from the method for trading small investing accounts with options and shows how I was able to make over $300,000 in verified profits in less than four years. The method of trading that you are going to learn is one of the simplest and most direct way of investing in the capital markets.

Covered in the beginning part of the course are core fundamentals that new options traders should know and that are essential. What you will learn is how they allow you to use a minimal amount of capital to express your trading idea in the market. Even more, you are going to learn what stocks I traded (and continue to trade) that led to me making north of +500% on single trades, multiple times. I cover how to properly execute an options trade (which is often overlooked by educators) so that you can maximize the gain each trade you make. In addition, this course dives into creating a trading plan that is designed for a smaller investing accounts with a few best practices. While much of this may seem ‘elementary’ it is a pivotal part in trading with a small account that investors often overlook.

The $300,000 in Profits Breakdown.

The $300,000 + in profits I am going to cover are 100% real, non simulated dollars. Collectively over the past four years and through trading an account that was never larger than $40,000 USD with an average loss of no more than $280 per trade. The entire basis for this was made possible to to the creation (which you will learn) of a proper risk management model. While many retail traders suffer from ‘blown trading accounts’ or ‘one large loss’ this method of investing takes that completely out of the equation with the implementation of risk management.
Past Live Trades Reviewed.

This was and is real money. Covered in this course are lectures on different trades from the $300,000 in trading breaking down the how and why to each trade. We start by discussing the trade set up and the rationale behind each trade. What you will notice is that the process for each investing decision is the same (and something that you learn in the beginning part of the course). What changes is the anatomy of each trade and I cover the preferred asset classes I choose to trade due to efficiency and profit potential.

This is a direct, no-nonsense, nothing held back trading course for those who are interested in trading options or trading to grow a small account. Nothing is held back and it is done in a very simple and easy to understand manner which is aided by reviewing past live trades from the +$300,000 in profits. This course is not for those looking to learn the basics of technical analysis or advanced options strategies. If you intend on trading with anything less than $2,000 this course will be of no value to you. It is highly suggested that anyone taking this course has risk capital to trade with.

What are the requirements?

  • Basic understanding of financial markets
  • Willingness to learn

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 18 lectures and 3 hours of content!
  • Learn the same strategy I used to make over $300,000 in profits!
  • Understand how to trade a small account with a basic strategy
  • Learn what calls & puts are and how to apply them
  • Understand how to create a risk model that fits YOUR account
  • Learn to properly execute options trades like a Professional
  • Learn the difference between shorting and getting long
  • Understand how to use monthly & weekly options

What is the target audience?

  • For absolute beginners & intermediate traders
  • Investors trading a small investment account
  • This is not for those looking to learn technical analysis

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Download Daniel Bustamante - Learn to Make Money Trading Options Download Daniel Bustamante - Learn to Make Money Trading Options
 Download Daniel Bustamante - Learn to Make Money Trading Options  Download Daniel Bustamante - Learn to Make Money Trading Options

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