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Sep 8, 2016 | Real Estate & House Flipping


Craig Proctor (


Magnetic Lead Conversion System:

Successfully Convert Your Leads to Appointments, Compel Prospects to Call You and Learn How to Identify and Follow Up with the BEST ONES First.

Learn the ONLY follow up script you ever need: Craigs Universal Call Back script enables you in three minutes or less how to determine the two most important things you want to know about ANY prospect: their timing and motivation. Craig Proctor explains to you the probing questions to ask to ask to determine who your best prospects are and the exact language you should communicate to compel them to want to meet with you.
Agents who perfect this script see their face-to-face appointments with qualified prospects go way, way up.

Build a safety net underneath your business by automating your follow-up systems so none of your prospects slip through the cracks just because you forgot to call them at exactly the right moment. In addition to your scheduled telephone follow up calls, Craig Proctor reveals how you can create top-of-mind awareness with your prospects to ensure that they will contact you when they are ready to act.
Craig explains how he accomplishes this using multi-media that includes email, direct mail, voice broadcasting, postcards, newsletters, DVDs and more.


The small BUT deadly mistakes most agents make when following up with prospects
To build POWERFUL relationships that lock out your competition
THE ONLY Follow up Script you will EVER need.
How to Automate your follow up system so that nothing is missed
How to create your TRUSTED ADVISOR POSITIONING and kick your competition to the curb
Successful Strategies from the Trenches. Hear Craig Proctor and his SuperStar Team members explaining and demonstrating proven follow up techniques through role play and actual phone calls with prospects

Magnetic Lead Generation Success System:

Craig Proctor reveals how he re-invented classified advertising. There is Only One Good Reason to Run a Classified Ad and Most Realtor’s ads totally miss the mark. Discover How to Create Ads and Target the Prospects You really Want to Work With. Craig Proctor provides Dozens of Examples You Can Duplicate immediately in your own business. These universal strategies compel prospects to contact you and are the foundation of Craig’s automatic reverse prospecting system.

Discover how to perfect your online advertising. By using Google Pay-Per-Click, Craigslist, Kijiji, Backpage, banner ads and other online strategies, you will learn how to generate more leads at low cost or even no cost.
Almost every Realtor advertises online and unknowingly makes common mistakes that suppress response. Find out how you can dramatically improve your results with no more effort by avoiding these mistakes.


How to replace the expensive, ineffective ads that most Realtors use with Craig Proctor’s LOW COST HIGH IMPACT
Why Most Realtor Classified Ads get poor response and result in few sales
How to design ads (Both Online and Print) that offer Universal Appeal compelling the best prospects to contact you
How to fly underneath your prospect’s advertising radar to attract now business and future business
How to differentiate yourself from other Realtors in your marketplace so prospects understand what makes you different and better
How to track and test your ads so you can determine which campaigns are making you money and which are draining your bank account
How to integrate your marketing to Create an Automatic Lead Generation Machine That Will Empower You to Grow Your Business to Any Size You Desire

The Secrets To Successful Selling:

The Secrets to Successful Selling in Real Estate. Discover the Power of Personality, When Meeting with Buyer and Seller Prospects.  How to INCREASE Your Conversion by Selling Prospects the Way They Want to Be Sold. There are 4 major personality types. The natural tendency is for salespeople to sell prospects in a fashion that would cause them to buy. You will learn how to quickly identify the personality type of your prospect so you can determine which sales style will be most effective.
Discover why you have better rapport and success with certain prospects and little success with others. Understand why some prospects do business with you  even when you are making the same presentation?
Craig Proctor reveals that the key to becoming unstoppable is to have both a benefit packed presentation and the ability to communicate these benefits using the right sales style. Craig guides you through the psychology of personality and how he took his discoveries and adapted them to the real estate business.


How to Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses
How to Identify Your Prospect’s Personality and Communicate Effectively With Them
How to Customize Your Presentation to Become Unstoppable
How to Use Personality Profiling to Hire the Right Team Members

The Ultimate Listing Presentation:

Craig Proctor presents his Ultimate Listing Presentation to you as if you are the home seller. He walks you through step-by-step the strategies he developed during his 22 years as one of the most successful real estate agents in the country. Craig will show you how to differentiate yourself from the competition by using unique services, statistics and powerful performance guarantees. He shares with you how to handle objections and how you will present your unique consumer benefits in a risk-free way.

Craig’s philosophy is that the natural conclusion to an awesome presentation is the seller saying, “where do I sign”. Craig puts it all on the table and holds nothing back.


How to Systemize an Unbeatable Listing Presentation System
The Right Language To Use When Presenting Your Benefits
Questions to Ask in Order to Prequalify Seller Prospects and Determine Their Personality Type
How to Set the Stage When Arriving at the Seller’s Home
How to Position Yourself in the Mind of Your Prospects
How to Render Your Competitors Arguments Against You Useless
How to Present Your Consumer Benefits in a Risk-Free Way
How to Use Performance Guarantees in Your Listing Presentation
How to Handle the most common Objections
How to communicate Your Specialized Knowledge and Become a Trusted Advisor

VIP Buyer System Revealed:

In this DVD Craig Proctor reveals to you The VIP Buyer System he painstakingly developed over his highly successful career that made him the envy of the real estate industry. Craig will share with you his mindset when it comes to working with buyers including the importance of creating “your own rules of engagement”. Craig explains how he qualifies buyers upfront and then compels the best buyers to meet with him and sign an exclusive buyer agency agreement before showing them even one home.
With Craig’s approach – everyone wins! You will discover how to get buyers happily doing most of the work enabling you to service dozens of buyers at the same time. With Craig Proctor’s VIP Buyer System you are guaranteed to make more money and work less.


Craig Proctor’s More Profitable Way to Work With Buyers
A Unique Two Step Process to Sign Buyers to an Agreement so that You Get Compensated for Your Time and Effort
The Power of the VIP Buyer Presentation
Risk Free Consumer Benefits to Compel Buyers to Work with You.
How to Set Yourself Apart from Your Competition Using Performance Guarantees for Buyers
How to Build Loyalty with Your Buyers and become a Trusted Advisor

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Craig Proctor (

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Download Craig Proctor 2013 - Real Estate Agent Course Download Craig Proctor 2013 - Real Estate Agent Course
 Download Craig Proctor 2013 - Real Estate Agent Course  Download Craig Proctor 2013 - Real Estate Agent Course

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