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Jun 14, 2017 | Real Estate & House Flipping


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Carleton Sheets is recognized as the best-selling author of the No Down Payment® home study course as well as other successful real estate books, videos, and audio programs. He has sold more than 3,000,000 copies of his programs in the United States alone.

After working in the private sector for nearly 10 years, Carleton became a full-time investor in 1970. In addition to a successful real estate career, he also enjoyed teaching local real estate classes for the National Association of Realtors® (NAR). As an instructor, he instantly caught the “teaching bug” and expanded his training by creating his own home study programs. These programs were based on his experience using creative financing techniques to invest in real estate. Carleton believed that he had a message that could change people’s lives.

The Carleton Sheets System—a Proven Curriculum

Over the last 23 years, Carleton Sheets has taught hundreds of thousands of people how to successfully invest in real estate. In fact, students of his curriculum have purchased more than $100 million of real estate in the last year alone. You can rest assured that you’ll be getting expert advice from a trusted source.

Hit the Ground Running with an Experienced Coach

For most people, what it really takes to master a new skill is the aid of a mentor––someone who’s not only an expert, but who can break down information and make it easy to understand. Our coaches are veteran investors who have been buying and selling real estate for an average of 15 years. They meet with you weekly to help you absorb the curriculum and get you investing faster than you ever expected. Learn more about Real Estate Coaching today!

Personal Coaching Works – It’s Guaranteed!

The greatest thing about No Down Payment® Real Estate Investing Personal Coaching is that it really works! My personal coaches are seasoned real estate investors with first-hand experience, who can help you become successful in less time and with less risk.

Your coach is dedicated to helping you meet your goals, and he or she will work with you until you complete at least one real estate transaction — guaranteed.

Are you ready to take the next step towards fulfulling your dreams?

Thousands of students, just like you, have mastered the Carleton Sheets Real Estate Investment Strategies and with the help of a coach have increased their net worth, increased their cash flow and achieved their dreams! Learn what real coaching students say about the power of personal coaching — starting out with no money, no credit and no knowledge of real estate investing.

To unleash your investing potential your coach and real estate mentor will:

  1. Walk you through every step—from identifying a property, through structuring an offer and closing the deal.
  2. Guide you through the maze of real estate investing options such as; owner financing, foreclosures, flipping houses, and leasing, while helping you figure out the best investment strategy for your situation
  3. Show you how to Research and Analyze investment properties
  4. Teach you many Creative Financing Techniques
  5. Instruct you on getting the most from your course materials
  6. Mentor you as you go through the buying process

So that soon…you’ll be out on your own (with complete confidence) finding the right properties and crafting No Down Payment-Win-Win deals in no time!

Coaching Works for ALL Experience Levels

  • If you have experience in real estate construction or property management, consider acquiring foreclosures or distressed properties at discounted prices, and then doing some minor improvements before selling or renting them. Fixer-uppers are an exciting process and you will learn so much along the way—while you make money!
  • If you’d prefer a more “hands-off” approach, there are tax liens, tax lien certificates, and tax deeds, or perhaps you could wholesale properties.
  • For those who have already acquired a few rental units and are interested in diversifying your portfolio, commercial real estate investing is the ideal next step.

And you’ll have the skills and experience to be a highly successful, financially independent real estate investor.

12 CDs:

1. Succeeding as a Real Estate Investor

2. Setting Goals, Making Plans & Managing Your Time

3. Establishing & Improving Your Credit and Setting Up Shop

4. Finding Properties and gathering information over the telephone.

5. Determining the value of property/ Developing Creative Financing Techniques

6. Using Creative Financing Techniques

7. Using Lease Options/ Making the Offer & Negotiating

8, Drawing up the contract/ Closing the Transaction

9. Generating Cash at closing for the buyer / Buying & Selling Distressed Properties

10. Deferring Taxes Through Property Exchanges

11. Making Money with Mobile Homes / Working With Partners

12. Using My Four-Phase Action Plan & Summary


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