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Jan 22, 2016 | Forex, Options, Stocks

34 years ago, America’s most controversial security advisor taught me the process that led to my powerful predictive system…




It’s backed by an intelligence technique that five presidents have relied on…

And it’s the driving force behind a tool I’ve personally created to predict terrorist attacks for the CIA and department of defense…

And now, for the first time ever, it could be used to take the guesswork out of trading – potentially handing you the precise moments to buy and sell… for long-term gains as high as 1,616% over and over.

Dear Reader,

Hi, Jim Rickards here…

Right Now I’m going to introduce you to a true breakthrough.

It’s my simple, proprietary timing indicator that even a 6-year old child could instantly spot.

I call it the “Kissinger Cross” – named after Henry Kissinger, the former Secretary of State. I’ll explain why I’ve named this indicator in his honor in a moment…

And while Henry Kissinger hasn’t endorsed what you’re about to see, spotting these “Kissinger Crosses” in the financial markets can hand-deliver you THREE big advantages over every other investor:

  • First, you could be able to see the biggest and fastest potential investment gains — months before they happen…
  • Second, you can routinely get the chance to capture repeatable gains as high as 1,616%…
  • And third, you could make up to 16x your money in a way that can be safer than how most people trade stocks.


Safer Than Simply Buying

Expensive Stocks Outright

Everything I’ve shown you today involved two layers of my investment strategy:

First, the Kissinger Cross indicator I’ve been showing you today.

Second, a specific type of investment that the Kissinger Cross works best with.

Used together, I believe this dual layer is safer than how most people trade stocks or bonds.

That’s because the way I use the Kissinger Cross gives you embedded leverage.

That means that every $1 you invest can return many, many times your money.

In fact, your upside potential with this type of investment is unlimited.

But your risk and downside is always known and limited.

That’s the kind of risk/reward you want in an investment.

Meanwhile, most investors continue using a traditional buy and hold method with stocks.

That means they’re totally at the mercy of the wildly swinging up and down markets.

But when you use the Kissinger Cross method I recommend you could be in and out with precision strike profits.

Here’s what I recommend you do right now…

The Three-Steps You Need to Start Using
Kissinger Crosses Today

There are only a three things you’ll need today to begin using Kissinger Crosses for big gains.

They are…

  1. — An common online brokerage account…
  2. — Likely as little as $500 in that brokerage account…
  3. — And something completely new that I’m going to share with you right now…

As I mentioned earlier, our beta-testing phase is complete — proving once and for all that the system can work to spot real-time movements that could quickly double your money or more.

That’s why I’ve decided to start a brand new research service called Jim Rickards’ Intelligence Triggers.

Its goal is simple:

To deliver a small, serious group of readers new Kissinger Cross triggers to your inbox as soon as they happen.

Today I’m letting you try this new service nearly risk-free …

Here’s how it works…

STEP 1: First, I’ll overlay all the current charts to find Kissinger Crosses appearing on specific investments in the market…

STEP 2: Then, I’ll find the simplest way to play them for big gains. I’m talking about money making trading opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.

STEP 3: Finally, I’ll send you emails — sometimes as often as once a week, with the exact instructions on how to play these opportunities… the exact set-up, what trade to make, and when to get in and out safely and easily for the most gains.

Now don’t worry…

Before you get started, I’ll teach the basics you need to know about Kissinger Crosses… limiting your risk… executing the trades and monitoring their performance.

Everything’s reserved for you inside your free copy of: The Kissinger Cross Handbook: How to Use Kissinger Crosses for Big Financial Gains.

Inside this roadmap, you’ll learn:

The full story of what Henry Kissinger taught me that day in 1981… the exact math formula that makes these crosses so statistically valid… how I’ve used it to help the U.S. government stop terrorists… how I’ve personally used it to build successful career in finance… and how you can use it for quick strike profits.

You’ll also learn…

  • Why making investments with my Kissinger Cross strategy can actually be safer than how most people trade stocks. (In fact, it can reduce your risk exposure by 25-50% if used correctly.)
  • The biggest mistakes most investors make while trying to capture profits on their own using the Kissinger Cross…
  • What makes Kissinger Cross investing better than better than other technical indicators… trading stocks or ETFs and better than complicated options trading strategies like covered calls or naked puts…
  • How to use the Kissinger Cross strategy in your online brokerage account…
  • How to make these kinds of trades within your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) …
  • A risk free way to try every single Kissinger Cross trade recommendation I send my readers without risking a penny of your own capital on investing…

Of course, I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you…

So unlike other services that leave with you boring manuals to read, I’ve took everything to a whole new level and recorded a ten part video series explaining everything.

When you claim your seat at the table with me today, I want you to make a point to watch a video a day for the first 10 days.

Stick with the system and it’ll work.

But you MUST follow the system as it’s laid out. I can’t promise what will happen if you try to “go at it alone.”

That’s why the video series is so important.

Listen, I know I’ve thrown a lot of brand-new information at you today.


I’m not trying to pressure you… but just tell you about the urgent opportunity sitting in front of you right now.

Three Kissinger Crosses have recently triggered.

These are now flashing “buy” on the screen in front of me.

Any of the three could make you as much as 200-370% or more in 90 days or less, with less risk than simply buying and holding stocks.

You could buy into all three once I hear from you today.

You’ll be “in” the trade less than 15 minutes from now.

I’ve covered all three of them in a second special report called, Three Kissinger Crosses that Could Deliver you 200-500% Returns.

Like everything else I mentioned today, this special report is yours FREE when you join Rickards’ Intelligence Triggers today.




“What Happens if the Stock Market Crashes?”

Answer: Believe it or not, but the Kissinger Cross works BETTER in periods of high volatility!

For one, it has the power to unlock trade opportunities that only occur in dropping markets…

If you remember, I already showed how you could have made as much as 1,508% as oil prices fell, thanks to the Kissinger Cross strategy.

I would go as far as to suggest that if you are afraid of a stock market crash, then you simply MUST get your hands on the Kissinger Cross indicator.

That’s because this crisscross can also unlock trade opportunities that can help you protect your portfolio from loss in the event of a crash.

In fact, a report from MorningStar said that, “Worried about a crash? Other than selling your holdings, (these types of trades) are probably the simplest strategy to insure your portfolio against losses “

Don’t be stuck out there without having this powerful protective tool in your pocket! Click the “Subscribe Now” button to get started.

“How is the Kissinger Cross strategy different than the IMPACT Strategy Jim uses to exploit Currency Wars?”

Answer: You might already be familiar the IMPACT strategy, which he uses to profit from currency wars. So it’s natural to wonder how this Kissinger Cross strategy is different?

I can tell you this: If you like my IMPACT System, then you will simply LOVE the Kissinger Cross and Rickards Intelligence Triggers. As you will see, the Kissinger Cross opens up even more creative trade opportunities. Including trading opportunities that have nothing to do with currency trading.

On the other hand, if you’ve never tried my IMPACT system – or if you had previously decided that currency trading wasn’t for you – then I think you will find that the Kissinger Cross is a more straightforward approach.

As I promised you today, all this Kissinger Cross does is open up new trading opportunities you’ve never seen before in a very simple way.

In fact, I’ve just opened up a brand new trade opportunity a few weeks ago. This one play alone could possibly double your money, or maybe make you even more. But only if you take action now…

“Can I make these kind of Kissinger Cross trades in my IRA?”

Answer: It depends on the broker. If you have any investing experience, however, it’s very highly likely your broker will allow you to make these trades.

Everything about setting up a brokerage account is covered in the Kissinger Cross Handbook, including information related to trading this strategy using your IRA.

“This all seems to be too good to be true… What’s the ‘catch’ on this offer?”

Answer: Congratulations. Skepticism is not only healthy, it’s the mark of a smart investors. You should investigate before you jump into anything.

That’s why we are giving you 60 days to check out this opportunity. I want you to see firsthand — safely — that my Kissinger Cross strategy can make you money more safely than how most people trade stocks.

Once you’ve studied it and you’re totally confident it works, you can start making money at your own comfortable pace. You have 60 days to test everything out, either with paper trading or with as much money as you want to risk.

If you don’t get the results you want, just ask for a refund. What could be safer or easier than that?

The only “catch” is that we will shut down this offer once we reach our limit of one in 100 subscribers (or 1% of our total readership).

And you can only get this offer by hitting “Subscribe Now” before we reach our limit and before we shut this offer down…

“Is This Too Difficult to Learn?”

Answer: You’ll be wondering if you need to be a math-whiz to make this strategy work, or if it involves complicated formulas and the like.

It is true that the Kissinger Cross indicator is based on the application of a powerful mathematical formula. However, if you use this research service as it is designed, it requires zero math skills to start making money.

In fact, if you can add up 2 + 2 in your head, then I guarantee you can understand, and potentially profit, from this information.

Of course, when you try out ANYTHING new (from riding a bike to buying your first stock)… it takes a little bit of practice at first to get it right.

But we’ve tried to put everything you’d need to know in your free copy of the Kissinger Cross Handbook.

Plus keep this in mind: There’s a phenomenon described by science as “the curse of knowledge.” It’s a cognitive bias that leads better-informed people to find it extremely difficult to think about problems from the perspective of lesser-informed people.

That’s why you’ll often see “beginner’s luck” come into play. Because someone coming into something brand-new can still see all the angles — without the bias.

By coming into this Kissinger cross strategy brand new, you won’t have the “curse of knowledge” at all…

Instead, you’ll be coming at this fresh and ready to see all the opportunities to make money, the very same way I look at these opportunities.

Who knows? You might even get a taste of “beginners luck” that can not only give you back your money you pay for this service within a few short weeks, but possibly enough money to put you on the path to financial freedom that you deserve.

But that’s only if you hit the “Subscribe Now” button right now and take advantage of this limited and generous Rickards Intelligence Triggers offer before we hit the 1% limit.

“If this is so great, why are you not giving this secret to hedge funds to use?”

Answer: I AM making this available to hedge funds. In fact, many hedge fund managers will likely see this offer.

That’s the opportunity for you here. That is, if you are NOT a hedge fund manager or if you don’t work on Wall Street.

In the past, some investors have paid more than $500,000 in order to participate in the Kissinger Cross secret.

“Is there any danger of too many people learning the Kissinger Cross strategy, and spoiling it for everyone else?”

This is a HUGE concern for me and the few people who are using the Kissinger Cross indicator right now. The fact is, if too many people do find out about this, it is possible this would spoil the “profit party” for everyone.

That’s the very reason why we are limiting this offer to the first 1-in-100 responders (or 1% of our readers.)

If you are reading this, there is still time. It’s entirely possible that hundreds of readers are also looking at this offer at this moment. So don’t wait. Hit the “Subscribe Now” button to find out how to get started now…

“ Will I need to be chained to a computer all day to make this work?”

My strategy in Rickards Intelligence Triggers is NOT day trading. It is not about sitting at a desk all day, tied to your computer. In fact, I designed this service specifically to help you do MORE with LESS…

I would guess that even if you have zero trading experience, you can make the Kissinger Cross work for you in less than an hour per week.

In short, this doesn’t take much time at all to use. That’s because the Kissinger Cross indicator I’ve been showing you shoulders most of the work.

I apply the math formula, generate the indicator, which indicates the trade opportunities…

Then, at least once a month, I’ll email you a new trading recommendation.

From there, it is up to you to decide if you want to make a trade – and how much of your capital you want to allocate to each trade.

“Why do I need your service, Rickards Intelligence Triggers?”

The fact is, if you know how I apply the math behind the Kissinger Cross indicator then maybe you don’t need my service.

I’ve tried to be completely transparent throughout this entire presentation. I’ve tried to put out all of our cards on the table. With what I’ve given you today, you are more than welcome to continue investigating this on your own…

But that said, you can save yourself a lot of time and heartache by simply responding right now and getting your copy of the Kissinger Cross Handbook and seeing this strategy laid out step-by-step.

We’ve already done the hard work for you in this handbook. You can try it out practically risk-free for 60 days. Just hit the “Subscribe Now” button for all the details.

Hitting this button does not obligate you to anything. You’ll just be directed to another page with additional information about this offer.

“Can I use my regular brokerage account to apply this strategy?”

If you’ve ever traded stocks in your current brokerage account, then chances are you can use this Kissinger Cross strategy in your regular brokerage account with possibly a few minor modifications.

The good news is that any modifications you might need to make are easy to make. Often times, they can be made using a quick email or phone call to your broker. It’s even possible to use this strategy using your IRA.

You’ll find out everything you need to know about setting up these kinds of trades in your free copy of The Kissinger Cross Handbook

The Kissinger Cross strategy is not like trading stocks, ETFs or other trading strategies you may or may not be familiar with…

There is no writing of options, as you’d need to do with strategies based on covered calls or selling naked puts.

There is no shorting of stocks.

It is not related Foreign Exchange (FOREX) trading, or Futures or Commodity Trading, either.

Using the Kissinger Cross indicator is a brand new strategy. But have no worries here. Because we’ll tell you exactly how to set up your brokerage account (or any brokerage account) to trade in your Kissinger Cross Handbook.

Hit the “Subscribe Now” button to see how easy it is to get this secret today…

“Does this strategy involve trading options?”

The Kissinger Cross strategy is based on a mathematical formula.

It’s been used (often in secret) for hundreds of years now. It’s helped predict and unlock complex human behaviors – from breaking the codes of enemy submarines… to influencing global policy… to helping the CIA pinpoint terrorist activities.

I’ve discovered that this strategy is especially powerful when applied to a certain section of the options markets.

But what I’ve discovered is NOT options trading like you’ve ever seen before. There is no writing of options, as you’d need to do with strategies based on covered calls or selling naked puts.

One noted tech magazine called this kind of strategy, “the one chance for an everyday person to get rich.”

This is not a complicated “advanced” options trading strategy. Instead, the Kissinger Cross strategy is about opening up simple and safe trade opportunities within the financial markets – including incredibly lucrative plays within the options market.

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