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May 3, 2022 | Trading


RECORDED LIVE EVENT! Hosted By Kam Dhadwar

After over 15 years of day trading myself and over 10 years of coaching experience working with traders from all walks of life, I have decided it was time to launch the most comprehensive, and complete online training programme.

This includes Training of concepts and trading strategies, however most importantly 5 days of live trading examples of how to apply what was taught in the first 2 days. For many years’ traders, have said that it would be great to watch over me as I do my thing each day in the European and US markets.

I will cover Intra-Day Swing Trading as well as Scalping, just as I practice right now. Coverage of Euro Bund, EuroStoxx 50, Dax, Mini-Dax, E-mini S&P, Mini Dow, Mini Nasdaq and Crude Oil.


1pm GMT – Introduction

1.20pm – Auction Market Theory and the Negotiation Process

2.30pm – Reading Price Action and Volume Profiles.

3.30pm – Break

4.15pm – Understanding and finding Value in the Markets to suit your Objectives.

5pm – Importance of the Fractal nature of Stage and Cycles in the markets.

5.30pm – Market Harmonics and Fibonacci Analysis

6.15pm – Example Framework Applications

7.15pm – Review of Key Concepts with Q and A.


1pm GMT – Review of Yesterday’s Key Points

1.20pm – Timing and Execution Process

2.30pm – Reading Order Flow Dynamics

3.30pm – Break

4.15pm – Reading the DOM, Footprints, Jigsaw and other tools.

5pm – Risk Management Strategies

5.30pm – Position Sizing and Creating Dynamic Risk and Position Sizing Plans.

6.15pm – Trade Management Strategies

7.15pm – Review of Key Concepts with Q and A.


6.30am GMT – Pre-Market Analysis performed LIVE ahead of the European Market Open as Kam prepares to trade the Euro Bund and EuroStoxx 50

10.00am – Application of concepts for Scalping Mini-Dax.

11.00am – Break until US Markets Session.

1.30pm– Pre-Market Analysis performed LIVE ahead of the US Market Open as Kam prepares to trade the Emini S&P, Mini-Dow, Nasdaq and\or Crude Oil.

4.00pm – Close of Trading session for entries and new trades, existing trades will remain open and discussed.

4.10pm – Review of Analysis, Trades etc with Q and A.

Kam Dhadwar is a Professional Proprietary Trader based in London UK and also the owner of “The Trading Framework®”. Over the  years he has grown to become a respected Discretionary Trader and Peak Performance Coach who shares his knowledge and experience with like-minded traders. Kam teaches how to understand the markets Auction Process and the Market Participants’ Behaviours using tools like Market Profile, Stage Analysis and Order Flow.

As a Certified Master NLP (Neuro Linguistic Practitioner) with personal Trading Experience, Kam is well known for his ability to understand the obstacles that traders may face along the journey and offers practical processes and techniques to help overcome the typical issues that most traders struggle with.

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